The Transfer Wishlist Thread

That was when Monchi was there and it was an absolute disaster. Wouldn’t point to that as a blueprint to follow.

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Yep. They couldn’t find balance at all. As soon as the team started gelling they kept pulling it apart.

Word is they’re doing it again. Their coach, Fonseca, is being left hung out to dry a bit. Some of their summer business was awful. Pedro on a free? Not moving Dzeko on? Their GK situation is still a mess too.

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Monchi did that at Sevilla too, buy in big batches, sell in big batches. Hope any of the players you picked up cheap become better than expected. Sell for good profit. In other words, basically a selling club. Makes your spreadsheet look sweet but you get nowhere as a club.


I love the Bouba.


The biggest problem we have in the transfer window is, if we are after a very good player how are we going to persuade him to come here rather than a genuine title contender?

Top players, prefer the biggest clubs with the best managers and top players to play alongside and it wasn’t that long ago that we would have discussions about some of Europe’s elite players coming here.

But we’ve been dragged down to a level where we consider Championship players at Norwich to be the answer to our poor league position.
It just shows how far the supporters level of expectation has fallen and why we’re in this position.

I don’t disagree with the sentiment, but just because someone plays for a championship team doesn’t mean they’re a bad player, I’d take Aarons or Buendia in a heartbeat.

This hasn’t been the case the past 5-6 years though.

Offer them enough money, a good platform and they’ll join your club.

Money. Look at Pepe and Partey.

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Look at how they are playing compared to before they had the big money :wink:

You get a squad full of players on big contracts not giving a shit.

And then you’re 10th and your players are walking around.

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Neither is really a money issue, Partey has been plagued by injury since he signed and Pepe just isn’t good enough regardless.


The bigger problem is having the project lead by people who aren’t qualified to do so. Inconsistencies in our recruitment are huge and glaring because of poor leadership in senior management.

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Raul out on his arse within a season of his first huge signing says it all about the ineptitude at the top.

Bringing him in because of who he is and then firing him for that exact same reason are the actions of perhaps the biggest clown show in town.

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II wonder if we would be better off now if Sven was given the keys to the club?

His ability to ID talent was not in dispute


This has been the problem since Dein left the club.
The board have made continuous poor decisions since we moved to the Emirates, and the decision makers they employ have then gone on to make worse decisions.
Like you say, this is all made worse because there is no experienced football people to sort it out.
From the owners to the manager and everyone in between, they are all amateur level.

People bemoan the lack of “football people” at the club and he certainly seemed the most like football people to me out of everyone who’s come through our doors in the past 5 years.

I really never understood why some celebrated his moving on so much.

  1. Buendia
  2. Aouar
  3. Hakimi
  4. Firpo

Please? Pump this team with creativity. Bring back Joga Bonito to this football club.

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Arsenal must re-evaluate current players before to sign someone because already wasted a lot of money.

Leno :heavy_check_mark:
Ryan :heavy_check_mark:

Bellerin :x:
Cedric :heavy_check_mark:
Maitland-Niles :x: (wants to be a midfielder)

Tierney :heavy_check_mark:
Kolasinac :x:

Luiz :heavy_check_mark:
Gabriel :heavy_check_mark:
Mavropanos :heavy_check_mark:
Saliba :heavy_check_mark:
Mari :heavy_check_mark:
Chambers :x:
Holding :x:

Xhaka :x:
Partey :heavy_check_mark:
Guendouzi :heavy_check_mark:
Elneny :heavy_check_mark:
Willock :x:

Pépé :heavy_check_mark:
Saka :heavy_check_mark:
Martinelli :heavy_check_mark:
Willian :x:
Nelson :x:

Smith-Rowe :heavy_check_mark:

Aubameyang :heavy_check_mark:
Lacazette :x:
Nketiah :x:
Balogun :heavy_check_mark:

players to sign: RB, LB, a world class left footed midfielder, versatile offensive player, a striker.

RB: Pedro Porro from Sporting
LB: home grown
MF: Ruiz from Napoli
TRQ: Odegaard or Goncalves
FW: Gerard Moreno


I respect the effort there. :grin: