The Transfer Wishlist Thread

Wouldn’t mind giving Fabianski his last contract before retiring. Has been very good for West Ham. I think he could be a good backup to Leno.

If we do get Buendia I hope we keep tabs on Cantwell.

Great chemistry between them. Plus, Todd is a gooner.


Cantwell is a really solid player and while I don’t think he’d be an instant starter for us I’d love to have someone with his profile in the midfield depth. Classy player we should be looking at.


Another none goal scoring midfielder to go with the other 8 who don’t score.

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He can score as he netted six in the league last season.

Don’t quite think he’s of the requisite quality though.

He definitely has improved since last season. I think sticking with Norwich this season was the right call for him.
I don’t think he can come now and start for us but he is definitely a player to keep tabs on and see how he develops. Reminds me of Pires and Nasri. His play definitely is influenced/inspired by Wengerball.

He’s someone I really likes the times I did watch Norwich and I mentioned last season I’d love to sign him as a squad option.

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To me he plays like a much less effective Grealish. Like a shitter little brother.

But I do like him haha, wouldn’t mind him for depth.

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Cantwell started off last season at Norwich quite well, getting goals from midfield but his form cooled off as the season went on. I don’t think I saw enough ability to suggest his form would pick up if he joined Arsenal. What’s his position anyway?

I do like the fact he’s an Arsenal fan and wears the number 14 though.

Inverted winger.

Maupay with another goal today. Another player we should keep tabs on.

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Maupay is a mid table striker, he was even benched by potter in some matches

Tbf, many players have been benched by Potter this season. He’s definitely getting desperate.
Maupay’s numbers at Brentford were impressive and he has done pretty good at a poor Brighton side.
If Brighton do go down I wouldn’t mind him replacing Laca on the cheap given that Auba will be our main striker going forward.

He is a solid player, i know we are not so good at the moment, but we really should have 2 very good strikers + someone like Balogun or Eddoe as a backup.

He does not fit the bill for me, Giroud for example is class above him and we use to complain about Giroud.

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We have enough depth. We don’t need depth signings. Depth signings is what got us in this mess.

We need quality. That can start, make a difference right away.

It’s a no from me on Cantwell.


Transfer Wishlist:
Todd Cantwell
Neil Maupay

tenor (1)


I know a few people were interested in this one, but it just got a bit more expensive.

We lack top quality players that are match winners.
Players like Cantwell are fine as options of the bench but not as starting players for a club who claims to be challenging for a top four place.

Like you say, it’s depth signings that got us in this mess.
We need just a few elite players, but we’ve accumulated loads of mid table level players and that’s we’ve ended up.


Very overrated. Can’t defend.

True. He’s no Bellerin :bellend: