The Syrian Situation Thread (general discussion on Syria)


Did you watch the urgent meeting at the ONU earlier on today?, it was very funny and interesting.

Bolivian ambassador reminded me of che guevara, very nice speech.

Russian ambassador was right in most of the points he made, it is hard to take part on this.


Is it a simple question of you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours?

For the US to unilaterally side with the UK on the poisoning of the Skripal’s and claim it was Russia’s fault, the British government must have felt backed into a political corner to work with the US on any action taken


You know, I really don’t know where I stand on these strikes. I started out quite firmly against but now I’m not so sure.


I know where I stand they never attacked us so we should not be bombing them. It’s sort of strange that he would use chemical weapons when he just about to win the war. I don’t think Assad is that dumb. Strange how we have no evidence to say yeah he did it. It’s the usual shit


I don’t buy any of the ‘he didn’t do it’ stuff though, even when I was fairly against the strikes. Just like the Salisbury poisoning it seems fairly obvious to the untrained eye who was responsible. He dropped chemical weapons because he could, because he has putin and Russian troops by his side in Syria. We bombed the fuck out of Dresden of WWII when we didn’t have too. Why? Because we could


And Hamburg. Don’t forget Hamburg. The Blitz wasn’t nothing on that


He has Russia on his side though and is most likely winning his civil war, why would he be stupid enough to decide to kill less than 100 people in this manner and provoke international air strikes when he was happy enough killed hundreds of thousands the good honest way and winning his war?

The “he uses chemical weapons on his own people” is a story they’ve repeatedly clung to for years to paint him as this mega tyrant because it triggers an emotional response. Then that being used years later to justify instant action makes me very suspicious of the whole thing.

Theresa May used her speech to have two separate digs at Russia so that makes me think it had a lot to do with that situation too, and I’m sure she’s loved the last 4 weeks or so where she’s been able to appear tough on foreign policy.

Also why is it always the US and UK that stand up for what’s good and moral in the world? France too on this occasion but why do none of the other 200 countries want to rush into action?


The whole poisoning thing again no one can verify who did it. Assad gave up his chemical weapons when Russia asked America what dies he need to do so they don’t attack him. Again this is the second time in exactly a year when Assad is winning his war he uses chemical weapons to invoke the wrath of America to stall his victory😒 Come on that would be just stupid


It’s all about natural gas, and the pipeline that Qatar wants to build into Europe, ending our reliance on gas from Russia.

The whole thing reeks of a stitch up.


Gosh Middle east is all fucked up.

Shame really because Chicks over there are so good looking man.


The thing is Russia in my mind let the mask slip when they blamed Britain for committing the chemical attack in Syria. By all means let independent verifiers onto the scene (as has happened before), but blaming us really does show that Russian propaganda has run to an end in Syria.

Anyway, what the US, Britain and France did by all means was a rather limited campaign. It won’t change the outcome of the war which looks as if Assad will defeat the opposition fairly soon


The thing is they started bombibg before they could go


This reminds me if the “war” if we could call it like that for the silk road back in the medieval age.


The bombing was entirely illegal. True the 3 cases for intervention are met, but that’s irrelevant without UN backing or even, in the governments press statement, citing anything from international law. They’ve basically just fired missiles and said that it’s customary to do so, which it isn’t, because usually these types of venture are proceeded by international law. Equally there is no proof that it was Assad who used the chemical weapon or even that one was used. I’m as always, equally stunned, and simultaneously not surprised how quickly media jumps to the flag and ceases to be properly critical whenever we bust out our weapons and do some killing. Is our foreign policy basically just do what America does, it looks like it.


It’s interesting that it was Russia and Syria who asked the UN for inspectors to come and investigate, and not the US, UK or France.


The funny thing is that USA and Israel uses white phosphorus, the biggest damages caused by chemical agents has been done through US attacks(nuclear bomb at hiroshima, the orange agent, napalm, white phosphorus).

Monsanto is well known to be the on of biggest US providers of chemical agents to develop/chemical weapons.

If Israel or USA uses it, it is OK. If somebody else does, it becomes a huge threat.

What i don´t get is they they refused to show any proves that the attack against the rebels(ISIS i guess) was done with chemical agents. The just say they have it but don’t want to use them.

The Bolivian an Russian ambassadors were having a discussion with Theresa May.


Don’t forget using depleted uranium on shell casings.


Nothing to see here…


Put my Tinder Location to Aleppo.

Only 4 results.


Remember it was Russia & Syria who asked OPCW to come and investigate. So I think whatever is preventing access wont remain for long.