The Syrian Situation Thread (general discussion on Syria)


FFS! We are repeating what we did in Libya :facepalm:


Well our leaders are bought off, spineless idiots who nothing but perpetual war. Shouldn’t this go through commons before any decision is made?


I still don’t understand why chemical weapons are such a red flag. Why is killing 50 people with chemical weapons something that requires immediate international military action but killing 100,000 people with conventional weapons tolerated?


It also matters who uses them. There certainly wasn’t this reaction when Israel were using White Phosphorus gas in Gaza.


My thoughts exactly.


I am against all British involvement in Syria.


I’m glad we’ve got the brackets in the thread title, I’d probably struggle to work out what the thread was about otherwise


oh fuck. WW3 imminent?


It hurts my head to think just how stupid this is.



Whenever I see Theresa May, the Imperial March plays in my head.




Pretty measured response. I wonder how much of an escalation this causes if any.



Time to give Theresa may the end she deserves to her premiership - a lost vote of confidence and a sacking.

The worst prime minster ever?



Lucky we have a strong leader who’ll definitely press the red button.



Interesting how the OPCW confirmed on Twitter that they were going to Syria this Saturday, and six hours later we were bombing the sites.