The State of The Arsenal

0.85 x 0.85 x 0.85 etc etc for another 97 times

I did understand the maths proposed but the number starts off small and would end up tiny using that method to and I’m not sure what that would be supposed to prove?

I’m probably reading into this too much :joy:

It’s easy.

The number is meant to get smaller.

It represents the overall probability of staying up over a 100 year course


No wonder you hate xG mate :grin:


Disgusting :weary:

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On the cusp of a 3.5 year sample size, mind boggling how far we’ve fallen as a club, the same club that went unbeaten away from home in the 01/02 and 03/04 league seasons.


Between 01/02 and 04/05 (inclusive) we lost a measly 13 league games.



Yeah brilliant period mixed with slight frustration we couldn’t win 3 in a row and also go a little better in the Champions League. I thought we’d comfortably win in 02/03 in late Jan.

There were a number of bullshit favourable refereeing decisions in 02/03 for man ure.

Liverpool laying down and dying at OT didn’t help our cause, while the dirty Scouse bastards played their hearts out against us twice.

Beckham elbowing Bowyer but Henry getting done for doing less v Charlton.

Sol being sent off v Man ure

Van Horseface elbowing a Fulham player before his poor man’s Henry run.

Tottenham, like Liverpool, raising their game v us but letting ya-nitid beat them to effectively win them the league. (If you look at our WHL fixture against them, I’ve never seen them play better. We were actually lucky to escape with a point)

I’m sure Bolton should have had at least 2 players sent off in our game at the Reebok.


I get bottling/imploding seasons have always been an Arsenal under Wenger thing. I think in 98/99 they also gave the title away with 4/5/6 games remaining.

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Late JFH goal at Elland Road really hurt us in the run in.


Back in 2017, I was interested in the Arsenal players that performed home games, and away games. Ozil and Walcott were the players that were killers at home. Both were world-class home players, but their output dropped on the road.

Ramsey, Giroud and Alexis were our main performers away from home. Giroud and Ramsey both doubled their goal tallies in away games. Alexis’s output was pretty much the same whether home or away. We sold Alexis and Giroud at the beginning of 2018, Ramsey in 2019 and still yet to replace.

There’s probably more to it than that, but losing those three players is a big reason we’re dreadful in away games…imo.


We were all over Leeds in that match.

I don’t think the cup semi final defeat affected us one jot (as the lazy analysts would have you believe)

I’m sure we beat Middlesbrough 1-6 at the Riverside after the cup game :thinking:

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How do you remember such detail like it was last season :grin:


@Aussiegooner is better than me on this.

He’d be able to tell you that our 2 games against Liverpool in 1998/99 ended in the same scoreline :blush:

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Think the points here very strong. Feel Giroud brought a fulcrum to a lot of attacking play and much under rated. Not a world beater but equally not a World Cup winner for nothing.

Ramsey was a key link in midfield attacking wise (Santi too pre-injury) and Alexis in his prime was a beast.

We just don’t create many chances anymore.


If we can’t comfortably put Molde to the sword, we have no business dreaming of Top 4. At this point we can be happy if we make Top 8.

What a pity the way things are going at The Arsenal. :frowning:


2-0 so far but your point stands !!


Jinxed it for the sake of Arsenal F.C. :smiley:

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The only people with the power to ensure there is root and branch reform at the club are the Kroenkes

Think they’re scum fans inflicting this shit on us for fun

They can fuck off. I can’t wait for the day they do and I hope I’m still alive to see it. Their ownership has seen us turn into a growing stream of diarrhoea

Kroenke out!!!