The State of The Arsenal

No, it was just plain red with the arsenal logo, very comfortable though, surprisingly good mask.
Which, by the way, my daughter has now stolen!

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Depends. If we were invincible again, or let’s start with winning a league again, I’d happy to mention here that the state of the Arsenal is fan fucking tastic :gunnersaurus:

Fair. Tag me when that happens.

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This is currently the worst Arsenal I have witnessed in well over 5 decades .


Have you watched for 5 decades then?

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I think Ash has tbh.

It’s between him and @giner as to who has seen the earliest Arsenal match on the forum (without giving away either of their ages lol)

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It was a genuine Q, fair play if the case

Yeah, @stroller and @JohnnyH are early 70s followers

@InvincibleDB10 is early 80s (I think)

@Ashgooner1 could even be 60s :thinking:


Heh, old people are funny.

I agree.
It was bad in the late seventies and early eighties and the football we were playing wasn’t great to watch either.
But this is about as bad as I can remember and the situation we’re in is all too predictable.

We are exactly where we deserve to be in the PL and that is exactly what the board want.
They must be rubbing their hands together knowing that most supporters would consider a top six place a success.

Picking successive managers like Emery and Arteta shows what our owner is all about.
He couldn’t care less about the club or the supporters and he has shown that with these two clowns.

We used to be known as a club with class and were respected for doing things “The Arsenal way,” but now we are just a reflection of our owner.
No class, no urgency, no ambition, going nowhere.


What is the The Arsenal Way?

Before Dein Arsenal won one title in 30 years. I reckon those years weren’t the Arsenal way either? No class, no urgency, no ambition, going nowhere.


I think we had periods in the end of Mees reign when we where literally in relegation battle 75 76ish.
End of Neil with Meade and Mariner the slowest front line ever.
This is in the conversation but there is more talent and quality too find a way out of it.


You’ve witnessed some dark shit, man. I can’t imagine how good the early Wenger years felt after that… :wenger2:

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We had the Graham years before that though.


It’s going to be very interesting to see how many years we plod along as a mid table club for ?

Or could it get even worse and we find ourselves in a relegation battle down the track ?

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I could easily see us spending the next ten years as a midtable club slipping into further irrelevance. A lot will depend on Tim Lewis imo. I don’t think Edu is up to the task, Vinai is a CPA and Arteta hasn’t shown enough yet to make me think things are going to really change.

We’re well on our way to being the next West Ham if we don’t sort shit out.


We haven’t been relegated in over 100 years. Statistically 15 percent of teams get relegated every season so 85 percent stay up.

If you take 85 percent to the power of 100 it’s quite staggering we’ve stayed up this long (try it on your calculator!). Longer than any other team.

We’re well overdue relegation statistically speaking (yes I know it’s more nuanced than my simple sums) and our owner is showing the same expertise we saw from Randy Lerner in his time owning the once mighty Aston Villa when he took them into oblivion, relegation and a long fight back to being a consistent top flight team again which notably only happened after he sold up.

It’s hard to see what will stop the continuing decline because we’ve been sliding for so long now with no real sign of reversing back to top flight success again and if your not improving you’re usually only getting worse and worse.

I did think relegation for a club of our stature was not possible but now I’m not so sure. I find the feeling of helplessness right now quite unpleasant to endure.


If we found ourselves in a relegation battle I really believe they’d bring Wenger back to save us. And he’d save us easily lmao so no worries :grin::+1:

I don’t see us getting relegated, I honestly don’t Aussie. I think the club will do just about enough in the transfer market to keep us as a solid PL club who might win the odd trophy. I could see us in a relegation battle, that might wake up the fan’s to come together and putting aside their petty agendas and try to get Kroenke’s out cause I don’t see us winning titles or getting back to the top table with them owning this club.

In reality, I think we could end up seen us finishing outside the top 10 on regular basis. That’s the worst I see us getting. I could see us ending up with Eddie Howe/Sean Dyche type managers. I could see a lot of more talent youngsters jumping ship and us ending up like Southampton with big clubs coming in and snatching them up.

I think we just end up a mid table club, with a huge support who might win a cup here and there but will always under deliver in the PL. Hope we turn it around but I don’t have that much faith things will get better anytime soon.

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I’m very confused about what sum (or odds?) you’re doing here?