The State of The Arsenal

Because that’s his job? He was one of the highest paid managers on earth. If you think he downed tools then you’re questioning his integrity at this stage.

All these years later, people still believing Wenger was being controlled by Gazidis is just laughable. Wenger was a despot, he had the final day on every last player he put on that pitch and any transfer that went through.


Is the major issue the loss of Ramsey? Our win/draw ratio last season with and without him was huge. Now he’s gone the ratio of him not playing has spelt into this season. Are we simply suffering from no midfield creativity and goal getting?

Would you take a years loan with his 400k a week wages?

Almost worthy of a new topic

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We are having to accept that our team and our manager have a long settling in period next season. With Arteta pushing the youngsters forward a new team will be built but it will take time. If we finish in the top four in 20/21 I believe Arteta will have done well. Anything beyond that will be greatly appreciated.

Which of our current players do you guys think are worthy of a top four 25 man squad?

For me you’re looking at:

  • Leno
  • Martinez
  • Bellerin
  • Saliba
  • Tierney
  • Torreira
  • Guendouzi
  • Ceballos
  • Özil
  • Saka
  • Nelson
  • Martinelli
  • Pepe
  • Aubameyang

That’s just 14 players out of our whole squad that I could potentially see making a 25 man cut. Of which at most 6/7 I think could be matchday players in a top 4 side. Probably being a lot more generous here than most.

We’re so desperately short of quality in defence and midfield it’s frightening.

If i look at it as the 18 you take to a match only Tierney Auba ,Leno/Martinez saka and Martinelli get into any of the match day squads of City United Pool chelsea and thats a maybe. Dependent on the team.

Chelsea would love Auba Leno Tierney right now.

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That list is not great for a club that are serious about challenging for the CL.

If you are looking for top level quality that is consistent, there are very few of our squad that are good enough for a top four side.

I would say that:

are definitely worth their place in our squad.

are good players but lack consistency which is important at the top level.

Ozil is a top quality player and our best midfielder but, for what ever reason, isn’t doing it on the pitch and if he can’t perform consistently then we have to get him off the wage bill.

Like you say, we’re desperate for at least couple of top defenders and we also need a DM and winger, assuming none of our best players leave.

If Arteta can get a CB to play alongside Saliba, a CM like Partey and maybe Courtinho on loan or Willian, then we will at least have a team that can at least compete for a top six place.

I would personally love if we got these players:

Sarr on a free,
Coutinho (on loan)
Zaha (still rate him)

line up like this


Bellerin/Cedric Tierney/Kola

            Saliba/Papa Sarr/Mari 

       Partey/Torreira Xhaka/Torreira 


Pepe/Saka Auba/Eddie Zaha/Gabbi

Feel that side would be good enough to get back into the top 4

I think Leno Auba Tierney Martinelli and Saka would all be attractive to big clubs as well as Bellerin if he can recover form

Most of the rest of the squad would struggle to be regular starters in the Burnley team

I genuinely feel ridiculous having any faith whatsoever in this group. BUT I CANT FUCKING HELP MYSELF!!?!


Not one of these cunts has a backbone.

Lol at my last post.


The State of the Arsenal is the same it was a few seasons ago. A turgid play style with zero imagination in the attack. And one game against Dundalk doesn’t change that.

I hope Arteta turns it around pronto.


Not so many weeks back I was full of hope and excitement early in the season with optimism of a top 4 and even a smidgen of hope we might be an outside bet for the title.

I dreamt every day of watching us whenever I could and the televised fixtures just couldn’t come quick enough.

Then reality crashed on my head. Thoughts of Arteta being Guardiola junior were broken on the cold hard rocks of reality.

I hope one day this world of broken dreams will come to an end that the Arsenal will be mighty once more. And that they will once more make me happy when sky’s are grey.


This made me smile :blush:

I normally hate international breaks but I kind of want another week away from the dreadful football we’ve witnessed lately.


I’m my eyes
Shit !
What annoys me is the fact we are losing if not lost our identity.
Look at the shirts .
Red and White
Yellow and Blue
Not fucking tangerine , turquoise, lilac or copulating penguin pink



And I’ll tell you something else that annoys me about the state of Arsenal
Arteta … what a scruffy bastard
He is the manager of one of biggest teams in Europe and indeed the world and yet he dresses like a bouncer at a Blue Peter bring and buy sale .
Put a white shirt on , club tie and a club blazer on .
Remember the words of Rocky Rocastle
‘ remember who you are and who you represent !’


Didn’t know where to post this, but thought this was as good as anywhere…Received my Arsenal membership pack today, Fabulous book was included, official handbook for this season, really is a good book, a pack of playing cards, an Arsenal badge and…gotta say I love this, very clever and quick thinking, an Arsenal face mask…Very clever, well played Arsenal…very smart…


Hmm that is mildly supportive/complimentary towards the club. Not really what this thread is going for. :grin:

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Was it a bruised banana style face mask? I got one from the Armoury shop by the stadium a few months back, nice and comfy

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