The State of The Arsenal

I can remember when we were nearly this bad and it was the 1982/83 season.

I remember standing on the North Bank at Highbury on a mid week match seeing us only just win in a thrilling game against Villa with about 15,000 in attendance.

A few weeks earlier we had been outplayed at home by a rising Watford team where we lost 4-2 in front of about 28,000.

Scum were much better than us that season. You didn’t feel that confident before playing anyone at home although to be fair even then I would have been more optimistic of beating teams like Wolves at home than we are now.

We have become a financial super power in world football since then thanks to the likes of David Dein, George Graham and the early Wenger years. However the last 11 years (which coincided with Mr Stan joining the Board) have been a continued decline.

I am hoping Raul may be the one to stop the rot but his slow response to the growing emergency continues to disturb. I do think however he will be forced by player and fan unrest to act soon although it is a shame we should have to have waited for the dressing room to start turning against Emery before he really starts getting into any kind of action.

Emery has lost the dressing room or large parts of it for sure now. The team have lost the plot and we were completely out played by little Wolves in the second half yesterday.


Them shit seasons with Paul Mariner and Raphael Meade.
Up and down the country with O,Leary at CB and Samson at LB your standout players.
Culminating in that Spartak Moscow spanking at home 5 1. Heady days.

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The cunts higher up just don’t care. Kroenke FC.

As long as the money comes in they don’t give a fuck eroding the club’s stature and culture.

Bunch of gutless twats. Top to bottom. Mentality at the club is just a disaster last decade.


When they come out with statements describing supporters as “noise,” they should find out who said it and name him.
It’s not the first time the board have insulted the supporters, Hill Wood has done it before him, when he said "they don’t know what they’re talking about.

The arrogance of these people is astonishing considering that without the “noise” there would be no club.

What you say is absolutely right, the mentality at the club is just a disaster since we moved from Highbury.

We’re going down hill and the owners are sitting by watching it happen and, as long as they’re making a profit, they will continue to do nothing.

They’ve done the absolute minimum since they took over, and this season just proves that they no nothing about running a PL football club, they don’t care, they don’t listen, and the complete lack of urgency and ambition is there for all to see.

They are a disgrace.


It’s a truly disgraceful statement by a club official. Unreal the disrespect towards us the fans.

The change in mentality from Highbury to Emirates is indeed unbelievable.

I can understand it takes time. But it’s been going steadily downhill ever since we moved and that is down to as you said a complete lack of ambition by the board.

The only way these arrogant twats change their ways is if they feel their revenue shrink. Until then they don’t care if we are mid tablers and being the joke of the league season in, season out.

Even Emery’s nonsensical statements post match are testament to the carelessness of the board. They don’t care this guy tells us we did well because we played according to the game plan even if we threw away a lead. Not once, but multiple times. Disgraceful in so many ways.

Really hope to have our Arsenal back one day again.


I’m beginning to find it a chore to watch this team and the more I watch, the more I begin to dislike this manager and this squad.

Our supporters overrate the fuck out of these players and the current situation we’re in. Truth is, people love to call us a Big Club but we’re not a big club and we haven’t been one for a long time. We haven’t won a major trophy in over a decade, been out of the CL for 3 seasons with a potential 4th straight, and we have a board and manager who are second rate.

We’re a middle of the road midtable side playing in the EL with a zero fucking goal difference. That’s what we are now and I fucking hate it. If Emery is still here in two weeks, I may stop watching Arsenal until he’s fired. I’m fed up.


Our squad is 4th/5th best right now, but not far from 3rd… only two teams provide a gulf atm, and we can see with LC being above City that things can happen.

Our issue atm is really down to the manager. Assuming we had a top manager like Klopp, we would be 3rd imho and perhaps where LC is right now in second. The fact that we are now starting to spend as well and things should be much better.

Everything is sh*t right now, but at least we have a VERY clear and singularly identifiable fix - the rest will take time.

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I’m worried for this club, I’m really am. I don’t think getting rid of Emery will solve a lot of the problems. I think half this squad is as big a problem as the coach. A lot of them are here for a easy time and to pick up a nice pay day. The Board are spineless and just looking for a easy time of it with top 4 finishes and have no desire to push on to win titles imo.

I don’t think we ever get relegated but we could end up been a fading force even more then we are soon enough.

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I view ppl like you, just as responsible for that as the Kroenke’s tbh.

Ridding Emery will solve a few problems but I agree many still exist. Emery himself though has a squad that should be finishing 3rd-4th looking every bit a bottom half side as things stand.

Do agree with a lot of the other things you said about our board and ownership aspirations etc

Even if we had the 6th most talented side which could be argued, theres no way in hell we should have a negative gd after however many matches considering the money invested into our attack.


Funny you say so, as I view people like you and Wenger responsible for the eroding of Arsenal’s stature and culture.

A decade of complacency and silliness by Wenger. Forging a culture of weaklings on the field and perennial underachievers. Supported by people like you.


Arsenal is still transitioning from a Wenger’s club to something new that transition needs to take place with a different kind of manager and new thinking from the board.
We are not looking for another Wenger and the board needs to understand this. Football in the prem is cut throat and success is vital if the club has ambition.


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Does anyone else not give too many craps about watching us at the moment?


We have the worst group of defenders most of us have seen at the club, and we bought Tierney and Luiz, which is hardly going to change anything.
Tierney is more of an attacking player than defender, and Luiz was a straight replacement for Kos.

There was very little defensive coaching when Wenger was here, and there seems to have been very little since Emery arrived.

Wenger was hopeless when it came to buying defenders and coaching them and Emery was supposed to have sorted this situation out and he is no better.

The whole attitude of the club, from the board and the manager to the players is sheer complacency, a lack of urgency and repeating the same mistakes.

Rather than getting a new manager and new players, we could do worse than to get a new board.
Look no further than Leicester for a board that, not only run the club properly, they have ambition and won’t accept mediocrity.

But most of all they respect their supporters and do their best for them.

Kroenke isn’t fit to lace their boots.
He is a disgrace to our club.


Watched Liverpool vs Man City yesterday and the gulf in class and quality between those two sides and us is so much, we shouldn’t be playing in the same league as them.

They play the ball out of defense as well as they do because they are excellent footballers, who can pass short or long with laser precision. Also, they don’t always pass to feet like we do, instead pass into spaces. The biggest difference, everything is done at pace.

I actually enjoyed watching a quality game of football after I dunno how long cause I normally only watch our shit. Gonna start watching Liverpool a lot more from now on.


This is total nonsense. Tierney looks a fantastic prospect and Luiz is miles better than the old Koscielny. We also signed a player who looks to be one of the most exciting CBs in Europe who will be with us next season.

We strengthened adequately in defence - we just don’t have a system that protects our defence. They’re basically just inviting pressure and defending with minimal protection all game long. That isn’t sustainable


I agree that Tierney does look a good signing but I still don’t think we have a CB that is top four quality and with the lack of organisation, they don’t even look mid table quality.

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David Luiz is one of the most successful CBs in the PL with numerous trophies won as a starting CB under top managers.

Whether Arsenal fans want to rate him or not - Luiz is a good CB.