The SNP/Scottish Independence - We're gonna build a wall and make William Wallace pay for it!


Nice post, fair points @will24 however, surely the French are our boys, from historic times? Through nothing else but a shared hatred of England Lol. I mean our queens always married their kings.

I know at least the Belgians and Germans are up for having us.


Would Scotland need to join the Euro?

I know around the last election the SNP were talking about a currency union with the UK but if the UK is out and Scotland is in, a currency union with the EU surely makes more sense?

I think the disaster of joining the Euro is a bit overhyped in the UK anyway.


You say that but economically speaking I don’t see how anything positive is lined up for Western European countries (U.K. Included. Long term think we are far less competitively set up compared to other parts of the world and our huge debt will catch us on our arse. Think we are walking a tight rope tbh.


I’m not a big fan of the Euro. It’s destroyed any growth that was made by the peripheral countries. It could potentially work, but big changes are needed to it. The changes post 2010 have just been much more of the same.

Very glad that we kept the Sterling.


Scotland’s entry into the EU if they go independent is not in question, which makes the SNP’s insistence on a referendum before Brexit a needless piece of posturing. Instead, both they and the EU want to collude to fuck the rest of the UK over, and make sure we suffer as much from Brexit as possible.

Putting a referendum off until after Brexit is a completey fair compromise that prevents the SNP and the EU working together to make sure the UK pays for leaving. If the SNP somehow forces the issue I would, even as a left wing remain voter want to see us take some action in retribution. For example I would totally support EU trade with Scotland being barred from travelling through England by road, or heavy tolls imposed and likewise for anything travelling through our airspace or water. I’m sure that would have consequences for us, but equally I really take exception to the SNP trying to take advantage of a delicate situation affecting everyone’s lives like this. If they force the issue they can at least share in the misery.

After Brexit, fine, they can have whatever vote they like. I certainly couldn’t give a fuck if they leave in the long run, in fact it might help unseat the Tories.