The SNP/Scottish Independence thread

@Dr_Strangepass you’re so right man, this ultra-gentrified woke clownishness that has basically destroyed the Labour party is now making a good go of destroying the SNP soon enough.

Anyone that doesn’t believe in all aspects of this ‘religion’ is promptly fucked off.

I’m not voting SNP next year.

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Wow that’s crazy what are they doing up there

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Projection for the 2021 election. You love to see it

Oh that’s interesting. So you vote for two candidates on election day? One for you constituency and one for your region?


I can’t get my head around it…is it the same candidates in both? And that’s why SNP don’t get many additional seats from the regions?

You don’t vote for a candidate in the second one its just the party.

So say you vote for your local SNP MSP in vote 1 then the actual party in vote 2

I’ve linked the last one incase it helps


I had read a bit of that and still wasn’t getting it but I think I have it now, the pool of candidates are the same so if you’re not elected as a local you can still get in as a regional MSP assuming your party gets enough votes.

And SNP don’t get many through the regions cos they are already elected locally.

If that’s not it tell me to go away :joy:

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Think thats basically it haha

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Only one near the top in the party that seems to get it. Or has some cojones.

Of course they’re trying to force her out. #SturgeonOUT