The Scum Thread

I know I said I was done but it’s actually killing me that you’re constantly walking past Asstiel, your lack of brain power is betraying your entire modus operandi.

You disappoint me son.


I would but u just take so many L’s its such a better fitting nickname :joy::joy::eggplant::eggplant:


A genuine wtf moment

“Oh you mean Tottenheim, you dumbass” had me rolling. :rofl:

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Can you stop posting videos of that fuck?
You are not among teenagers. The forum is filled with adults.


They’ve signed a backup keeper, a 33-year-old wingback, and limited DM with a sexual assault allegation hanging over his head who nobody else wanted. :arteta2: :arteta2: :arteta2:

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Oh @Powderfinger , you fell for the bait.
That’s all O’Hara does. Controversy causes conversation.


Oh fuck, the minute fans and pundits start saying they’ve won the transfer window they’re about eat shit the following season. Happened to us with Pepe, happened to United last season.

Now it’s Spurs turn, Kane’s ankles and knees are going to explode at the WC.


Clearly working for him the way people react to his nutter takers.

Hate WUM like him who get a career in the media

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Piers Morgan…another who makes a living being an annoying gobby turd.

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After robbing Wolves with that contract O’Hara needs to find ‘alternative revenue streams’ it seems.

Hope they blow 60M or so on Richarlison. Would be fine as long as they don’t sign a good CB.

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Everyone bodying Scum. Funny, a week or two ago they were treated like the next big thing.

I’m not joining Spurs just for Conte while he’s talking like he’s happy to leave every other week. You could be back on Nuno V2 by 2023.


No matter what, Arsenal are simply a bigger global entity with a much more recognisable brand.

People don’t really associate Spurs with anything. There’s still a generation of people who associate Arsenal with this beautiful brand of football and the generation after can at least remember us signing top quality talent like Ozil, Sanchez and Aubameyang.

Ultimately we are clearly not as attractive a prospect as we once were but I have no doubt in my mind very few players look at the two clubs and would genuinely see Spurs as being a much more attractive prospect


Yup, Conte must have a reputation by now.
Players won’t join the club because of his pull alone.

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Nobody can guarantee trophies, but we have at least won 4 trophies in the past decade. Thats probably about the amount Spurs have managed in the past 50 lol