The Scum Thread

Can’t believe Conte is going to get undue credit for the 4th spot.

Was a coward against Liverpool and were getting overplayed at home against us until Holding did his thing.

It took a depleted Arsenal losing Partey & Tierney for Conte to limp his way into 4th spot


Probably leaves for PSG anyway. Poch will come back straight into the CL with Spurs

Can say it’s undue, but he got a win against City and 2 draws against Liverpool. Margins.



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Deserves all the credit for top 4 and 70 points + Conte. Took over in November when spurs looked dire as fuck and couldn’t score to save themselves and had a GD of -9.

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Does he? His only competition was more dire Arsenal & even more dire United.

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t call Arsenal poor & yet commend Conte. Conte almost fucked it up and had to rely on his rivals to mess up for him to get a chance at the 4th spot. If Arsenal won one more match in this race, they would have finished 5th & everyone would have called it a bottle job.

given the expenditure & competition, Conte should have closed the 4th spot long ago

A GD of +33 in 25 games or so is rather impressive.

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It would have mattered fuck all if he missed the 4th spot.
if Arteta had Kane & Son, we have achieved the same, considering what he did without a competent striker

I dunno Arteta is good at turning quality strikers into shitters, maybe Kane would have left in Jan and reduced the wage bill :smiley:

And btw Spurs are playing CL next season.

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Yea whatever about giving our lot shit after what’s happened fuck giving spurs any credit here. The difference right now is they drew two games we lost. The margain is tiny and it’s not like they have steamed ahead of us.

They were two behind when Conte came in. This isn’t some massive or magical turnaround.


You are resorting to this now?
What are your priorities?

The right team has certainly got it though as spurs margins are a lot less fine.

GD + 24 compared to ours of + 9.

We are lucky the point margins are this close tbh.

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Plus had the influx of players in Jan to supplement him. There is really nothing impressive about Conte achieving 4th spot

We all had opportunities in the January window.


Imagine if we’d had that same opportunity!


No one begrudges Spurs to take the opportunity but with the influx, the margin should have been lot higher. The gap between a dire Arsenal & a Conte led Spurs should have been 6-7 points.
The fact that it will likely end up at 2 points says it all

Oh as if you’ve ever given this much of a shit about goal difference before. But it’s a handy tool to bash us and big up them right. Fuck them, they drew two games we lost. Ultimately that’s gonna be enough to get them through. Wow.

I genuinely hope that’s of comfort to you


Calling out Conte is indeed a comfort for me
He is another fraud

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It basically came down to Conte team basically embracing the challenge and Arteta didn’t when it mattered most.
So we can debate from January on who was the better team.
We choked twice when in the box seat. They bottled when favourites but in the end Liverpool away and the NLD and the game last night decided the season.
Conte was able to instill more belief when it mattered most.
He definitely played his part at the end regardless of any mixed form during the season.