The Scum Thread

Funny seeing Conte come out saying spuds are shit… :rofl:


Enjoying some light reading on the fighting cock this morning…joyful

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Loved every word of it

I did not like what happened tonight," said Conte. "I must be honest and tell you that after three-and-a-half weeks, I am starting to understand the situation.

I am happy to stay here but at the same time I must be honest and tell you we need to work a lot to improve the quality of the squad. We are Tottenham and in this moment there is an important gap [to the top teams in England].

If someone thinks that a new coach arrives and Conte won in the past and then I am a magician… But the only magic I can do is to work. To bring work and work to improve, to bring my methods, my ideas of football. But we have to understand that we need time.

It is not simple because, in this moment for sure, the level of Tottenham is not so high.

The situation now is starting to be very clear in my mind. I like to win and I play to win in every competition. This must be the same for my players.

This road could be one metre or 100m. I am not scared, I am ready to go and do this path. But at the same time I want to be very honest - we have to work a lot and improve in many, many aspects.

The club is outstanding outside - to create a stadium - but now we start from behind. I have found players that want to work and have great commitment, but sometimes it is not enough.

We need time, but we have to do better in everything, everything, everything."

I had to Google the opposition tonight. Turns out they’re from North London and the England captain plays for them. :rofl: :rofl:


I love the way Italian’s say Tottenham :joy:

And this is where our shitty league performances have caught up with us, for modern clubs the commercial side is as important as on the field performance.

This is what a lot of us been saying about the stature of our club and the irreversible damage the board and appointments like Arteta have caused.

Say what you want about FA cups, but no one cares about it if your doing shite in the league. The CL and League is where it’s at in modern football.


The fans do.

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Speak for your self bro, I don’t give a shit about FA cups or League cups if we’re finishing 8th. Guessing majority of football fans are that way as well otherwise the spuds who haven’t won fuck all wouldn’t be making more than us commercially, on match day and through broadcasting. But they do because they finish above us in the league and have done the last 5 years.

The damage was done long before that. Since 2013 we’ve needed to create new revenue streams, meaning we’d be less dependent on single match day revenue.

Our commercial revenue is fucking appalling for a club of our stature.


Performing poorly in the league under Wenger, Emery or Arteta doesn’t diminish what this club has achieved domestically with the FA Cup. We’re reaching peak meltdown levels with stuff like this.

We can’t enjoy beating Spurs anymore, we can’t enjoy winning domestic cups anymore, what’s going to be left at this rate.


We can laugh at spurs for losing to a Slovenian village team, in a pointless European competition, but we weren’t even good enough to qualify for it.

We have finished behind them several seasons in a row and while our board not only chose, but persisted with the worst manager we’ve had, spurs have at least got one of Europe’s top manager’s, who we could and should have got to replace Arteta.

Make no mistake, Kroenke and the board have run us into the ground with their lack of urgency and investment when we needed it, and continued with their unbelievably poor decision making since.


I definitely care about trophies, that barren run from 2005-2015 was absolute arse. However trophies and performing domestically are not exclusive of each other.

However weren’t we terrible commercially under Gazidis for a long time even when we were in the CL? Is this about club performance or about competency? All this tells me that there is more effort from Spurs to maximize revenue.

As compared to Spurs who are shit in league and have no trophy?

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That’s true but they have a top level European manager and we have Arteta.

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Live in your bubbles all you want, but the writing is on the wall. We will remain a bigger club than the spuds historically but on our current trajectory they will be a bigger club currently, which means they will continue to make more money, and that will give them more resources to do better than us in the cups that actually matter to fans e.g the league and the CL and we will continue hovering around 8th-6th place finishes.

No one is saying domestic cups and the league are mutually exclusive, so not sure why anyone is saying that. But using the FA cup as a way to cover up the fact that we are now currently on course being a smaller club than spuds is peak delusion.


Absolutely horrific.


Yeah because outside of a fluky FA cup win we are garbage. Our brand of football is atrocious and worse than newly promoted teams like Brentford. The turning point is when we start to fall behind in the league and the spuds started finishing above us, and had that run to the CL final. Which proves our point. The finances reflecting that.

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That chart covers the period 2010 to 2018, we won three FA Cups in that period, and then one more after that too. I don’t think we can refer to just one “fluky FA Cup win” when we’ve won 4 of the last 10.

I don’t know if it’s so much using it as a cover as it is factoring it into the conversation as a relevant talking point. I don’t think anyone would use FA Cups alone as a measure of how well the club is doing, but it remains a factor when looking at the past few years in which Spurs have been on top of us in the league.

As long as Spurs continue to being allergic to trophies there’s there’s cap of sorts on how far they can ascend in terms of their perceived stature in the game compared to us and other teams. To truly ascend to the rank of the biggest clubs they need to not only continue finishing above us but regularly qualify for the CL and actually win something.

To be clear, I don’t disagree that it’s an alarming trend to have fallen behind them in revenue as had been illustrated, it definitely is.

Our finances have been poorly managed for a very long time. I actually think it’s gotten better recently, at least in terms of a wage reset and negotiation of some new commercial deals.

The bottom line is that both commercial and broadcast revenue are linked to on pitch performance and our player recruitment from 2015 to 2020 was so awful that we dug a massive hole for ourselves. Now we need to climb out but it doesn’t happen overnight.

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