The Scum Thread

I was looking at my keyboard trying to see what typo/autocorrect situation could have arisen, but I got nothing. Is sky sauce a thing?!


In Danish, Sky sauce is a type of dark gravy made with the beef drippings, fat etc.

Maybe just a weird translation thing from the tweeter?


Can confirm this is a thing in Switzerland as well

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Maybe he means Sky source?

Oh, right, we just call dark gravy, gravy.

@JakeyBoy i thought it was supposed to say soy sauce, but appears Sky sauce is a real thing. Who knew?!


This is what “Sky sovs” is in Denmark.

Sometimes it’s a bit darker. It doesn’t taste like Sunday roast gravy though, it usually has a stronger flavour to it.


Damn, thats a thicc chunk of pork roast in the background :heart_eyes:

As you say. Sky sovs is often reffered to as the juices of the meats you cook. In this case pork.
No added flour, cream or anything just pure meat juice.


An account dedicated to Lo Celso’s mistakes.

I’m surprised no one has tried making one for Xhaka.

This is why Ødegaard is off Twitter.

They did, but it was so long that viewers were falling asleep.
It’s been rumoured that the new “Xhaka Bloopers” video could be made into weekly episodes rather than one long compilation video. :grinning:

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Keano was really on one last night eh? :joy:

P.S. the spelling of “disappointment” triggered me too


Two S’s for shit spurs.




The cunt Fabregas has just stopped short of admitting he downed tools and was one of the snakes who got rid of Conte at Chelsea there.

Didn’t Conte get rid of Conte?


He was begging for the sack in every press conference whilst also acting like a petulant child.

But sure it was the players.

So the Chelsea fans were only booing Oscar, Fabregas and Costa for fun in their first home game post Conte, then?

Costa was already gone by that point.

Conte got himself the sack because he didn’t get the players he wanted in the summer so he made sure Chelsea sacked him so he’d get a fat pay off.

Mate lol.

The players had an underhanded role in getting Conte sacked from Chelsea. It was the worst kept secret in domestic football at the time.

While Conte perhaps didn’t help his own cause, we can’t downplay the unprofessionalism of a certain number of players he had under him at the time.

I think Conte and the players both played a part. Even Sarri had issues with the players.