The Scum Thread

I read a headline somewhere that they think Mason might be the answer. Please do it you dicks :joy:

Talksport were saying that the other day. :rofl:
They said they should stick with Mason as he plays attacking football. This is out of 2 games. The one against the worst side in the league and the other against the worst team in the second half of the season.

Maybe they’ll hire Arteta after he’s chased out of the Emirates.

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There’s no way that will happen.
The people who know say that Arteta is a genius so his next club will be Man City, Real Madrid or Barcelona, he won’t be messing around with lower level clubs. :grinning:

We are just a stepping stone for such an intellectual footballing giant like him.

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Can’t smile without you :rofl:

Can always count on spurs to make me feel better after a depressing few days.


More like taking a shit.

Was gunna say, taking a shit on Spur’s chances of keeping Kane

I wouldn’t mind Biesla being our next as well

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As bad as spurs are, they are still above us and, whoever they choose as their next manager, will be better than Arteta or his replacement.


And they will still win fuck all.


Our worst season in 20 years, and they still only 6 points above us :slight_smile:

Their shit just smells a little better.

I mean maybe but they went to Ryan fucking Mason a week before a cup final.
Levy was quoting he wanted top 4 over the carabao cup.
Well it’s ending in a cluster fuck not much different than ours in reality.


Back isn’t over arched, weight over his knees, good form.


Daniel Levy’s work is so overrated. We’ll see how they handle the burden of a new stadium.


That’s true but last season we had the FA Cup to sweeten finishing behind them yet again.
This season they lost to the best team in Europe in the League Cup final, while we are still behind them in the PL and got knocked out of the EL by a poor team managed by a manager we sacked.

Finishing behind them again is embarrassing and no one can dress this up any other way.

They aren’t that good which is basically the only positive out of this fucking mess of a season.


That’s true but we are worse.
The difference is that they have sacked their manager because he wasn’t good enough but we are sticking by ours who has proved he can barely finish in the top half of the PL.

They threw a 2 goal lead away to an even smaller team in Europe.
Even a chance we still finish above them in the League.

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I would definitely celebrate that. :grinning: