The Scum Thread

Fuck if I ever have kids my grandkids might say the same thing about me in 60 years time regarding us.


Just saw the score, no effing way!

Maybe substantially is the wrong word to use, what I’ll say is if we both continue to play the way we’re I’ll be stunned if we finish above them after 38 games.


Can always count on Spurs to give us a :arteta: moment.

Love this. :smiling_imp:


The right guy is trying to hide his smile at 3-3. When you know you’re being filmed it’s always a fake and overreacted response.

Still worth a like though.

Had a peek over on Glory Glory, 1 poster said ‘that’s our title shot over’, but others still fancy it could be their year



I can’t stand Kane.
He’s a self centred player with no personality, who’s a cheat as well.
At least he’s playing for the right team.


He gets a pass because his lack of eloquence is read as humility plus he’s Englands golden boy so pundits, refs, fans all turn a blind eye to his cuntish behavior.

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Would love to see a Spitting Image of Kane the useless twat ?!


I didn’t realise Kane has 5 league goals and 7 assists through 5 games… that’s absolutely mind boggling

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Kane and Son are on pace to score 90 goals between the two of them over the course of the season and Spurs still only have 8 points from 5 matches.

They’re not going to score 90 goals.

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They’re also not going to keep copping dodgy 90th min VAR penalties or stoppage time Lanzini strikes… could easily be on 12 points so it goes both ways.

True enough. I just think its funny that they have Kane/Son playing like Messi and Ronaldo in their pomp and yet somehow are only in 6th.

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Feel sorry for whichever of these beautiful boys doesn’t win the Ballon d’Or this year :santi:

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Yeah it’s rather funny :heart_eyes:

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Read Kane and Son there like Dad and lad.

I fucking hate that Son plays for these cunts.

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