The Scum Thread

Cristo just recommended 129$ mug

I saw the prices, and I’ll stick with the microwave :slight_smile:

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Laughs in poor



I hear Calum exclusively uses his microwave to cook his beefburgers


Eugh reheated stale coffee, surely just make yourself another cup or drink it faster.


How am I supposed to know?! I didn’t buy it for her and I’m pretty sure the one she got years ago was $70.

Fml I feel like when the PM is asked how much a pint of milk is and then says something ridiculous


Tells you how shite spurs are when reheating coffee in the microvawe becomes the main topic. Coyg.


This sentence says so much. You’re so privileged that you feel some sort of affinity with and sympathy for our Eton educated PM when he makes himself look out of touch :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Urgh I think some self-reflection is in order :tired_face:

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I’m only playing Cristo, you know you’re my fave Tory really :kissing_heart:

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Extremely punchable.

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:sob: :sob:

I guess the Lib Dem’s are just Diet Tory at this point

This Bale transfer news smacks of spurs board trying to change the narrative from their crap showing against Everton and potential upcoming crap showings.

Twenty million plus 600k/w wages for a loan??? It doesn’t track with Levy’s notorious frugality. And for a convalescent like Bale!? Nah fam.

Expect this so called transfer to drag on for the next couple of weeks as they pull it out every time spurs have a crap performance.

I was of the same thought process until I come across people who spend 129$ on a mug.


Seems like a good deal for all three parties. I still think he can elevate Spurs but really depends on his fitness levels.

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I said that if Bale performs at his best, he could win them the league. Wasn’t trying to bait. :sweat_smile:
When he actually performs, he is unstoppable.
This could very well turn out a massive flop.
I don’t think he can reach his best at the moment but I think he’ll do well. And if he does, then we’re in trouble.
That potential front 3 could end up the most lethal in the league.

Do you guys think Spurs are done with incomings after Bale and Reguilon?
They were looking at Skriniar not too long ago so I wonder if they’re still looking for a CB.
That’s a mad window from them.

I read it as 20 million in total, they’re not paying all his wages. I think it works out at about 380k a week