The Scum Thread

That was fast :joy::joy:


i remember when he was appointed there were a few panicking and some were even saying ‘if only Arsenal had the ambition of spurs’ The twats from aftv especially had this stance…i fucking new that deadbeat would fuck spuds up i just thought it would start next season.

Yeah, not gonna lie, I was one of those people. I really thought José would get more out of the team, in the short term at least.

No doubt that story has come from Danny Rose again.

Not an ounce of difference in which of us or them has made the better/worse appointment yet in reality.
When Emery was sacked we were above them. Go figure.

I never wanted Mourinho here, simply because I cam’t stand him or any of the teams he has managed.
But it would be fair to say that spurs showed more ambition by getting Mourinho than we did getting Arteta.

I’m not saying they necessarily made the right decision but it was certainly brave and ambitious and showed an urgency that our board have never shown.

These mugs are the only team that haven’t scored a single PL goal in 2020

Classic Jose.

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how have they shown more ambition signing maureen than us signing arteta. You could automatically turn around and say that signing a twat that causes problems everywhere he goes is the opposite of ambition and is just the height of stupidity. If we signed him everyone would be saying the board is out of its depth…so cant you say the same thing about the people at spurs? It could also be said that we hold more ambition that we saw a young manager in the making that could be around for many years and grow with the team and has all the right attributes for what our team needed and we went and got him from mancity mid season…and lets get this right Guardiola didnt want him to go neither did the people in power at mancity because they were messing about all the way through the transfer.

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It could be the height of stupidity but they have sacked one of the best managers in Europe and before the next game they get Mourinho in.
They are paying him more than nearly any other manager in the PL so they have shown they are ambitious.
We hired someone with no managerial experience and are paying him less than almost any other PL manager.

I want nothing more than Mourinho to fail but spurs have shown in recent seasons they are no longer in our shadow and our board have show over successive seasons that they are responsible for us dropping out of the CL places.
So until Arteta starts dragging us back to challenging for the PL title I’ll wait to see who has the most ambition.

you are full of shit, it is ambition in your eyes bungling off a good manager and spending huge money on a deadbeat…if it was arsenal that did this and hired mourinho for how much he is on knowing he is a carcrash waiting to happen and Spuds got Arteta you would be ‘look at what this board has done lumbered us with a hasbeen and spuds go out and get a young manager that could be brilliant sure it is a risk but they are surely gonna come out on top, this board is incompetent waaaaaahhh waaaaahhhh wahhh’

you just like to slate everything we do…if spuds are so ambitious and they are doing so great and you like their approach go fucking support them it seems like you are a secret fan anyway.

Why is he. Let’s not play the who’s the better fan card.

i didnt play that card at all, i am saying that he is constantly going on about how great spuds are and they are so well run and they are more ambitious yadda yadda, if they are so great and you seem to love them more than the club you supposedly support fuck off there.

Are we?

Calm down

Clearly doesn’t love them more than us. Just stupid thing to post that.

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For all their ambition they’ve still won exactly fuck all.


The Jose hire was a panic one which demonstrates how utterly scared and clueless Levy is at the prospect at losing out on CL revenue.

It was not ambition, it’s simply masochism. Their cycle has clearly come to an end and the window of a possible PL title is now over, so what they do? They go and hire the most short term appoitment that they can find, give him reportedly £15m which got them a manager on the wane that has to deal with a much smaller budget, players past their best and blooding youth that he typically couldn’t care less for. Not to mention his tactics and approach to the game is obsolete.

There are many reasons to criticise this club and those that run it but not signing Jose was never one of them, that’s something they undoubtedly got right.


I have never, and will never, say the word great before the word spurs.

Harry and Meghan have contacted Spurs to see what it’s like living without a title :joy::joy:


So Eriksen finally departs for a paltry £17m. They could have got triple or quadruple that in the summer.

He’s been at least their second best player over the past 5 years so it’s a big loss. The fact he had been so lacklustre is a big reason for their very average form this season.

Glad he also didn’t go to a domestic rival as he still is a quality player with plenty to offer.


Still only 27 as well. Should hit the peak of his career now, looking forward seeing him for Inter. Don’t have to hate him anymore!