The Scum Thread

That aint real…he has spelt his name right (barring the backwards rs and n)

No slevers on the paper either. Looks very dry to me

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It looks a bit like "I want to keep diving for totnum, which would be far more believable. :grinning:


Thats Poch for you, taught him well.

That contract obviously wasn’t written by Harry Kane but according to reliable sources he is determined to claim it as his own. So yes, it’s official.

Congratulations Hrary Knae!


Trophies won as manager:

Piers Morgan 1

Pochettino 0

Would you believe it?!


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They are about to sign Ndombele for €62 million + add-ons :eyes:.

Is he getting loaned back or are the soft cunts going to play him.
Fancy signing someone and playing him. It’s all about the future not now.


Not playing down this signing by any means but did they not fancy getting a winger or ACM before going nuts on Ndombele?

Signing of the summer for me.

I sign him in every FIFA career mode for Arsenal


Source - SDGooner



The kind of signing we should be looking to make, but unfortunately our manager and squad revealed themselves to be absolute frauds in the last eight or so games of the season.

Fucking galling to see Spurs make a signing like this.


He’s exactly what we need which makes this unbearable.

Another year of watching that clown Xhaka attempt to play Premier League football. Sigh.


I think the statements Pochettino made last season, that were directed to the board, about having to spend to compete with the top teams, has paid off.

But watching spurs get to the CL final and then go out and probably spend more on one player, than we’re going to in the whole transfer window, is just another indicator that the balance of power is shifting away from us.

I know people are going to say we have the history, but all that does is make us sound like Liverpool supporters.

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For some perspective, they finished 1 point ahead of us having their lowest points tally in several seasons, they were lucky not to lose to us twice in the league and they’re losing Eriksen, either this season or next


We can hopefully speculate some sales to raise that money, but yeah CL final and not spending anything last season means they’re probs very rich.

Reaching the CL final like Liverpool the season before, promotes the brand for partners and sponsors.
Also like with Liverpool it attracts better players. This is why reaching the final of this competition is such a beneficial prize.
Its one of the worse aspects of Wengers failings in turning us into also rans here that cost us so much.
Lost massive potential in earnings and club growth as well as appeal to top playing talent.


That power shift, spurs signing players we’re absolutely desperate for, who would have thought that 10 years ago ? Only spurs fans in their wildest dreams I’d assume.