The Scum Thread


I bet big dick Arsene could manage this team to at least an FA Cup with the talent they have.

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Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. Cunt!



When we went through a stage of having key players injured, we never got the leeway Spurs get from the media.
It was always Wenger’s not good enough, Arsenal have a soft under belly etc etc.

Fuck 'em all.



How many times have we been without out our best players with long term injuries and still won trophies?

Two be fair to Wenger I have rarely seen him complain about injuries because he nearly always said that the players that were playing were good enough.

For Pochettino to imply that it was too difficult for them because Kane and Alli weren’t there, is almost like saying we’re a two man team.
I wouldn’t mind but Eriksen is their best player.

Our defence is one of the worst in the PL and our only world class player isn’t playing, yet we managed to beat Chelsea and keep a clean sheet.










ouch that has gotta sting.

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by pointing out the club’s glory years were so long ago that they were filmed in black and white

SCREAMING :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:



ya just know he is gone in the summer, he surely cant stay there by backhanding the club like that…but i love it :arteta:



Obviously forgets Spurs made the LC final in 2015 lol



Oi, that’s one of my lines.



I was going to say that but couldn’t be bothered with being called a spoil sport. Glad someone said it though.



They klopped it tho so no matter.

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From a financial and marketability standpoint competing in the knockout stages of the CL is probably more important for Spurs than winning a domestic cup.

As fans though we know that the feeling of celebrating a trophy gives you more satisfaction than making the Round of 16 of the CL etc.

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You may laugh but he is right.

But the players won’t want to hear that.



He’s still most likely to stay at Tottenham in the summer, but I’d say these last few days have increased the chances of him leaving quite a bit.

Supporter pressure and player discontent are factors, so he’ll have to manage that over the next month or so. He’ll use these cup exits as leverage against Levy no matter how much he downplays it in public, so I think no signings in the short term = a Poxit in the summer

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Funny how when this was happening to us we were called failures then when we won trophies they were not good enough because it want the epl or cl. This thread says this and apparently seems to be reasonable. :xhaka: it almost seems that some of our so called supporters on here are ok with this guy saying that and it seems appropriate because cl is important financially etc but they should normally at trophies but at the same time were soooooooo angry when we were in a shit situation winning nothing. Why is there always an excuse and leeway given to the spuds?

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Probably because when we did it we went from 3 league titles in 8 seasons and 5 2nd placed finishes in the other seasons.

Spurs have risen from being a midtable type club, I assume that’s why it’s looked at from a different perspective.