The Scum Thread


They haven’t gone through their team being constantly dismantled either and maintaining top 4. Let’s see how they cope with that before all this uppity bollocks.



I’m always down for trolling them about a lack of trophies and laughing at them if they fuck up severely in a match or something, but on a weekend when we’ve looked like a shower of shit at West Ham and they’ve lost to a resurgent United who look to be about to overtake us for 5th, I’m not exactly jumping up and down with joy.



Do you think Inter fans didn’t celebrate Juventus losing 2 Champions League in 3 years? :roll_eyes:

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You do when they have had two home defeats that have put you out the title race. Honestly like all them top 4 placings, its not actual success.
If they win the LC I will acknowledge it. There is every right to question him as a manager too. So far he has nothing but potential on his cv.

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and pressure don’t forget pressure!



The biggest compliment I can pay Pochettino is that, I don’t care where he is next season, as long as it’s not spurs.

He is the reason they are doing better than us.
They can’t compete with us financially, and the main reason Kane stays there isn’t because he loves the club, it’s because he knows that Pochettino plays to his strengths and that’s why he scores so many goals.

I can’t believe I have celebrated a Man U win, even if they were outplayed, but when your own team is so poor and lacking in any direction, watching spurs lose at home to any club is enjoyable.



We’ll have to agree to disagree regarding Poch, Spurs resource wise have no business being in the top 4 in this league, let alone doing it consistently 3 consecutive seasons.



Yeah they would have, which is pretty sad for Inter as they continue to be irrelevant whilst Juve will rack up a 7th consecutive scudetto…

You know it’s depressing times when your main joy is a rival club finishing as a runner up in the biggest football club competition in the world.

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David Moyes got Everton into the top 4 one season. So far when expectation has come knocking for him and them its not been answered yet.



Yeah Moyes did it one season which was a supreme effort, if he did it 3 seasons consecutively it would have been huge.

Moyes was also a success with he achieved at Everton, it helped him secure the United job which was obviously a disaster though.



Which could be the same for this guy. He has ability and personally think the LC is pretty important for him right now. Certainly think he has to win the semi final at least.
Theres no guarantees on management that he will be a success. Honestly think he is still a gamble for either United or Real Madrid at this stage of his career.



It’s what football rivalry is about :roll_eyes:



Rivalry is about being better than your rivals IMO, and beating them head to head when you play.



Nah its about celebrating your wins and their misfortunes at all times. Losses, injuries and failures like the stadium
Logic wise its a twisted thing, and should never change from that ever.





Exactly. Guess Spurs celebrated when we lost the Champions League final in 2006.

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I wish their stadium delay coincided with a poor form but alas.



I hope their new stadium opens on the second day of next season, they are against Huddersfield, and they lose
1-0, with Kane missing a penalty and injuring his ankle taking it, while their new manager, Arsene Wenger, kicks a water bottle into the crowd.

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I think it’s glorious that even in your anti-Spurs postings there’s a way to squeeze in your favourite Arsenal manager of all time.



I was going to say Neil Warnock but it didn’t quite have the same ring to it. :grinning:

To be fair, Wenger was my favourite Arsenal manager, but let’s say I went off him a bit in his last few seasons. :wink:

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