The Scum Thread




Drone-port haha


Looks like we will have at least one trip to Wembley this season then:

Their next home game after that would be a Premier League game against north London rivals Arsenal on 2 March, but it is considered highly unlikely police or safety advisory groups would want that to be the first game at a new ground.


Spurs should just open in next season now, what’s the point of opening it for like 4 or 5 home games this season ?


Good lad Merse.


who saw this coming :henry2:


It looks like they have a blocked toilet.


Too much shit in it? :henry2:




The Premier League will lose patience and force them to remain there until the end of the season if the stadium is not ready to host Brighton on April 6.

Lol so they only start to lose patience in the second last month of the season? :joy:


Can see where they are coming from. Definitely becomes an issue after 16 games :crazy_face:


Point reduction or RIOT ! Fuck the FA !


Chelsea LC final at wembley bottled.
Chelsea FAC SF at wembley bottled.
Man united FAC SF at wembley bottled.
Man united PREM at wembley bottled. Pocchetino my arse.


They were never in the title race either. Only in their dreams they were. Thank fuck that absolute nonsense is finished now


Lady, it’s Spurs.


Also, when does the media darling of football Pocchecunto start getting shit for his constant bottling failures.?


They actually should have been going into that wolves game. Will never join the poch hype train till he wins something.


People can take the piss all they like, the fact they’ve retained CL football whilst having no home ground the last 2 seasons is rather impressive.

They also have no funds and Poch has kept em in the CL, same sort of situation lots of people praised Arsène for from 07-13.


But their squad is way, way better than ours… Poch deserves lots of praise, but crying poor in this case only holds water in the context of future potential and squad size… they, like Pool, absolutely killed it in the market and have a damn good squad, back to front, built on a very solid foundation of GK and defense… their wing backs are 100x better than ours at crossing as one odd, random example.

An injury or two, a bad transfer or two can kill a team like Spurs (or us, but not as much).


Its getting annoying now that anytime they lose a match, our fans go on a full on assault against them, myself included at times. They are still so much better than we are atm and we really can’t say shit about them right now. Its sad but true.