The Scum Thread




i think all of the time at the spuddy club has rotted his brain.


He has a lot to say. And most of it is horseshit. The kind of stuff Wenger was routinely abused from all corners for. I really want him to go to united and fail.


He will fail when he goes United and the fact I don’t rate him as highly as others do will finally be vindicated.


Slow down breh, they’ll win the title when he goes there now.


He might not go. My fear is that Solskjvinsfipwkeiar turns out to be their Zidane ffs.

Emery fucks it and he is used as evidence we should have went for Arteta… :gabriel::arteta::santi:


I don’t think he’ll fail at United, providing the players play to his system. I realise that’s an ‘if’.

I hate to say it but what he’s achieving in terms of this league with the resources he has available is very impressive.


I don’t think he’ll ever go to United, but I can’t see him saying no to Real Madrid if they come calling this summer


I think Untied are slightly the better prospect right now as they will guarantee him time.

Real have a few too many aging players and then there’s the fact Perez is an ass hat.


Ngl its been an impressive start from OGS their front players are all :fire:. If they beat Tottenham comfortably they’ll might get third ffs :joy:


Ok, so they are gonna fail again :arteta:. They never fucking learn.


Agree. Solkjeieie has a terrible name.



this has gotta be a joke now…i am sure they wont open until next season the way they are moving the goalposts. One comment saying they are sure it will open on april the 1st :arteta:


Another trophy.


what the fuck :rofl:


Certainly would suit the penny pinching wenger feckboys who would call the scum buying the league by simply doing transfer business the right way lol.


Just give it up lads and admit it’s not going to be ready until next season.


They just keep on moving the goal posts.
That’s if they’ve got any to move :grinning:


It’s a reach now isn’t it?

If I was a spud fan, I know I’d want a clean slate to open the stadium with and that may as well be the start of next season now. A week or two into this season would have been acceptable but honestly they’re taking the piss. Should be penalised with every game they play at Wembley this season.