The Scum Thread


A point at Anfield and now this.

Making some bolddddd calls lately my friend :grin:


And when I’m right brother what will you say then? :grimacing:


First two rounds on me at post season drinks!

Thinking about it though, I actually agree about the points tally lol


What Spurs will do is achieve 80 points + twice in 3 years which is something we haven’t done for over a decade.

What Liverpool will do is break 90 points which is actually more than our invincible’s.


You get what you pay for. These check book managers like Klopp and Pep better be dominating the league when they are spending that much money 🖒🤣


The only thing that stopped the Invincibles team achieving a record points total was that they took their foot off the gas and did a lot to protect the unbeaten record. I guarantee if we lost just once in that season we’d have gotten over 100 points.


Yeah I do agree with that, 5 draws in our last 9 games.


I rarely do this, but props to @Trion as he’s the one who articulated this and made it clear in my eyes. 100% believe this and have regularly argued it to my cunt Chelsea mates pulling out Mourinho’s then record points tally like it’s the be all and end all.


Arsenal had like seven draws in the first twenty games. I don’t really see that to be honest.


Not sure about the hundred points bit tbf, I raised an internal eyebrow at that bit, I more just meant to strongly agree with the general point and reference that I’m certain we’d have had a much higher points tally that would have rivalled Chelsea under Mourinho. So mid nineties I guess.


There last three tweets where announcing Wolves goals :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I love this tweet so much after results like today :arteta:


Yeah for all his plaudits his fanboys need to address these patterns in his management.


:arteta: :arteta:


RIP Spurs’ Title Race: 26th December 2018 - 29th December 2018

DVD in all good retailers on 1st January 2019



Can we start this now? Asking for a friend


The boys knows…


Then he definitely ain’t joining us


We’re a much bigger club regardless of league positions. Players didn’t want to join Atletico and Valencia over Barce/Real because they finished over them for a couple of seasons.