The Scum Thread




United and City have the finances to pull off 200m transfers and Kane is homegrown and elite. And then there’s Real Madrid who need a goalscorer. Kane and Salah are the only forwards I’d imagine those teams shooting for.


I can’t see Kane going to Real Madrid.
He can barely speak English so I don’t how he would cope with Spanish.


Jesus. :joy:


Well if they have any sense they’ll hire Sir Gareth at the same time since he’s the only coach capable of getting golden boot winning form out of him so he’ll be able to communicate fine.


It’s a power shift to a certain degree and it’s delusion to deny it, we finished above them 20odd season straight now they’re likely going to finish above us for 3 consecutive seasons.

Head to head we had a period from 99-2008 we didn’t lose to them for about a decade, since 2010 the head to head would be pretty line ball.


Type ‘shit hole’ into google maps



Anyone else getting fed up with all The Yids loves in ?
This is getting beyond a joke !
Emery’s boys need to do some history to know these bastards live in our shadow !


He’s a Tottenham manager but like Klopp he’s likeable. Hope he pisses of to Madrid soon


He got married when he was 20?! Very young age to get married haha


Wilshere had 2 kids by the time he was 20-21, I believe.
I don’t know how these guys are okay with such huge responsibility.




I don’t have a problem finishing outside the CL places because thanks to under investment, hanging on to a manager who was way past his sell by date and the club having an absolutely appalling transfer history, I have become accustomed to it.

What I find unacceptable is us finishing behind this lot again and seeing the power shift go more towards them.


Spurs are on 90 point pace, they may not be winning trophies but Poch is a beast of a manager and they’re a very good football side.


Stop saying this. :joy:


Remember when we won the NLD at the beginning of the month and went ahead of them in the league and they dropped to 5th.

They are now second and we are 5th :upside_down_face:


Having had doubts about Pocch having a lack of flair in his side. Im now going too have too start conceding this thought now.
Im clinging and hanging onto the choking bottling cunt for now though.


Is it just me or has this happened in each of the previous seasons they’ve finished above us now?

If I remember correctly, we went above them into 4th last season after beating them, then almost immediately we had a run of very poor form with a ton of draws during the winter period. Its like whenever we give them a warning and smack them in a derby, they get energized and find form while we collapse. You’d think it’d be the other way around after a derby victory…


He comes from the nation of Glenn McGrath and Brett Lee.

He can’t help himself, ok?!


All of that on pace for stuff is rubbish because teams are rarely able to maintain performance throughout an entire season. You either start strong and the performances declines or you start slow and the performances pick up.

Either way - I have absolutely no doubt Spurs will not obtain 90 points this season. The same way I have no doubt Liverpool will not break the 100 point barrier.