The Scum Thread


An also ran power shift though. In fairness ive often stated how we as a club over celebrated top 4 finishes.


What fckn powershift you buzzing ??


Theres certainly a power shift in terms of the strength of the contemporary sides (although I think we’re not as far behind them as people think), but it would literally take 50-100 years for them to even come close to achieving what we have. Its some kind of sick joke that they are even being discussed alongside us but that’s just the current situation and one that I’m sure won’t last as their team slowly dissolves in the coming years.


Good for them having the power. They are doing exactly fuck all with it.


The league is the biggest measure of a team’s status, and they’ve finished above us two years running. They used to be our little bitches and now they’re accepted as being the better team over a fairly lengthy period, and Arsenal fans on the whole would admit this too (however grudgingly)

There clearly has been a power shift, things have evidently changed radically from how things once were.

What we’re lucky for is the fact that we’re in (hopefully emerging from) one of the worst positions we’ve been in for twenty five odd years and Spurs are better than they have been in twenty five to thirty years, yet the gap between us is pretty small and we’ve still won more than they have in this period.

So the power shift could be far more pronounced, and it is more than feasible that the balance could swing back in our favour in the next few years. But let’s not act like things are radically different than how they once were.


I think @JakeyBoy that they haven’t yet been rattled in the transfer market. Kudos to Daniel Levy for this. He prices teams out for his most valuable assets (no doubt that will be the case if Manchester United come a-knocking for Pocchetino)

However, more encouragingly for us, no one has yet made an approach for Kane, Alli, Eriksen, Son. If Barcelona or Real Madrid did, would they stick around? I don’t think so, personally.

That time is coming soon.


I doubt those sorts of clubs will come in for Son and Dele, not saying they aren’t good players but I don’t see them as Barcelona or Real Madrid material.

Kane & Eriksen on the other hand, the sooner someone of serious stature comes in for them the better, they’d be fit to start for pretty much every club in Europe.


Manu will get them and also Poch, you know that manu is to spuds as Arsenal is to Barca.


Kane will never leave Tottenham imo


Yeah I get the feeling he’ll be there for the rest of his career and do a Shearer. I can’t see any club paying the kind of fee I imagine Levy would demand and he’s always going to be far and away the highest paid player at the club. He plays with less pressure at Spurs.


A powershift for me would indicate they are the bigger club, which in my opinion they are not. We are more supported globally and can still attract better players than they can.

On the pitch they are slightly better than us though. Only due to the fact they have had stability in recent season with Poch in charge and managing to keep their best players.


Until these cunts match us they can fck off about power shift - two shit seasons by us and they finish above us - your all buzzing ffs ?!


I see him leaving because he’s incredibly ambitious.

No way he accepts not winning any trophies whilst his rivals will be competing for the biggest honours.

Kane will leave Spurs it’s practically a given, question is when.

@SRCJJ why wouldn’t someone pay up? In about three years there’s going to a dearth of top strikers around in the game, Kane, Dybala, Mbappe, Icardi and who else? The biggest teams will put down the money there’s no question.


I feel like Levy is going to want a fee similar to want PSG paid for Neymar and I just don’t think that kind of transfer is likely to happen anytime soon unless it’s actuslly PSG. I know for sure he won’t sell for less than the extravagant sum Barcelona paid for Coutinho.

I don’t know why I just don’t see it happening to be honest.


Right now no, but when there’s only a few truly top strikers I can see it.

You’re worth what someone is willing to pay, and all these top teams having aging strike forces.

Strikers like Kane may go for a premium not previously seen before as far as strikers go.


Different definitions or ways of thinking about it I reckon.

For me, to say there has been a power shift indicates that the balance of power has changed to a degree, whether its to a large degree or a small one.

We were once winning titles when they were finishing fourteenth. They’re now better than us and have finished above us two years running, which undeniably indicates that there has been a shift in the balance of power to some degree.

But using your definition, as you outlined above, I can see what you mean and would obviously agree that they aren’t a bigger club than us.

It’s basically a semantic discussion at this point cos I would imagine you see what I am saying too :slightly_smiling_face:


I just don’t get how their top players, along with Lloris, Vertonghen, Alderweireld all are so happy to sit there and earn below industry standard at a mediocre club that never wins anything for so long.

We kept losing all of our best players all the time and yet Spurs are able to keep a hold of them and I just don’t get it.

That said, Kane will never leave England and I don’t think he wants to leave Spurs for another English club either.

But Lloris, Eriksen, and Vertonghen/Alderweireld could easily get moved to other clubs.


I think Poch has something to do with it not Spurs per say.

So when he’s off it’ll be like a house of cards, well, hopefully.


Bar Eriksen their players will be found out if they move clubs. That team is 80% Poch and 20% the players. Wasnt it for Poch, a player like Eric Dire would easily play his football at Portsmouth. Cant wait to Madrid snap him up. That will be the end of Spuds for the next century.


I’m in total agreement of this. I think a lot of their players benefit from playing in a system and under the trust of a manager like Poch but would struggle elsewhere. People like Trippier, Rose, Dier and so on are just decent players who would look out of place at bigger clubs.