The Scum Thread


Points and league positioning, I mean. Not size of club, etc. There is no reason why Leicester City shouldn’t be on 30 points if you consider where and how they’ve dropped points


You have to compare it to something for it to have more worth.


The comparison to Wenger is just a cheap dig, nothing more.

Poch isn’t fit enough to tie Wenger’s shoe lace in reality.


In spite of the fact that I applaud Pochettino, I think you’re spot on.

Lineker has history of belittling Wenger, too.


Ok that’s more reasonable in fairness. By my estimations though Leicester are still punching above their weight.


Harry Kane is favourite to win Sports Personality of the Year tonight. Man’s got the personality of a wet wipe!

Besides, he skanked his way to that golden boot! Come on Geraint, don’t let it happen.


I’d like to see Lizzie Yarold win it, she deserves it the most, but unfortunately seeing as the public are allowed to vote, she doesn’t stand much of a chance.

SPOTY is a bit meh though these days.


As a snooker fan I’d love to see O’Sullivan on the ballot but I doubt it.

Surely Kane cannot win this, he won fuck all for club and country and only scored on goal in the knockout stages of the world cup.


How?? He has less personality than even fucking Ramsey…i dont see any personality in him other than being a mouth breathing cheating rat.


That isn’t the definition of personality that is applicable here, its got nothing to do with whether someone is a boring cunt or not.


Regardless, what has this guy this year that is so fucking important in sport that he deserves it…he has done nothing noteworthy which should give him that opportunity there are far better options out there for that reward.


Yeah voted for her. Fucking cringe fest on England world cup failure accompanied by that song.
Billie Jean King a highlight for me.


We always seem to have a thing for celebrating failure :grimacing: Completely OTT but not surprising.

Always painfully obvious which sports they care and don’t care about pending how long certain pieces are or what features. Some of these sports that get mentioned and you just think, really?! And on another unrelated note, if the BBC are going to briefly mention World Superbikes (which is a woefully dull series), then for god sake, mention MotoGP you useless tossers. One of the greatest sports around these days and those fucks never ever mention it every time they do SPOTY. Yeah it’s a minority sport in the UK but so is some of the other stuff they’ve thrown in tonight.

Sorry that turned into a mini rant lol.

Edit: At least Harry Kane didn’t win SPOTY in the end.


Ok so there is a temporary power shift in North London but let’s be realistic here ,
Exactly what have The Spuds won in the past few years or indeed the past 20 ?
Nothing really worth crowing about.



How could you forget, they even made a DVD and everything :facepalm:


I love how Juande Ramos and Keane have more silverware than Poch and Kane :joy::joy::joy:


How is there a power shift? Coco pops cup and premier league is two different animals. North london is blood red as far as im concerned.


The highlight of the match yesterday for me, other than Dele Alli getting his just deserts, was when the commentator said “this is the only domestic trophy which Spurs have won more times than Arsenal”.

No shit :arteta:


That’s why Harry Catflap won I’m a Celebrity
He was used to putting in hand in an empty box and it was full of spiders - Spurs Trophy cabinet .


Arsenal are by far and away the bigger club and it would take a lot to go wrong and a long time for that to ever change.

If spurs finish above us for a 3rd consecutive season ( very likely) you’d have to say that’s some sort of power shift though. This just isn’t a one off fluke finish above.