The Scum Thread


How are you feeling about it now ?


I’m still not ruling Spurs out.


Must be great missing out in the banter in October so you were maybe proven right in December aussie. :wink:


Hopefully they still bottle it against Barca B.


Fucking hell, you bookmarked that one didn’t you? Haha

I feel the same as I did then, not worried pal, they’re going out.


Nah I didn’t bookmark it, just when I read the CL thread people weren’t happy with Barca’s side I had a memory flashback of myself saying this was possible somewhere along the line haha.


The Verminator to twat Harry Kane up the face :clap:


Still not ready for January :eyes:


TBH they should just focus on having it ready for the 19/20 season now, no point moving games to a new stadium in Feb or March as that’s just a shambles.


My 5 a side team could do with Mbappé too Guillem :joy::joy::joy:


Does anyone read this type of stuff and think anything other than, fuck off ye patronising cunts.

As promised we wanted to update you, our supporters, on the status of the new stadium


More chance of ya getting Mbappe than Spurs lol


i reckon there is more chance of being struck by lightning 5 times in quick succession than Spuds getting Mbappe.


Another one for the trophy cabinet…

And we’ll just ignore the fact that by the time Wenger had won 100 games he’d won the double. That small detail is insignificant :woman_shrugging:


It is still admirable though. Pochettino has proved himself as a Top class manager.


Back in the days you could win the league with 78 points, the game has changed significantly hasn’t it ?


The more I think about it @Trion, Pochettino is probably the only manager in recent memory who has moved from a mid-table mediocrity side to a top 6 side and made the top 6 side better.

We all know how tough the transition can be. Just ask Allardyce (Bolton to Newcastle), Moyes (Everton to Manchester United) and Hughes (Blackburn to Manchester City)

Perhaps more recently, Claude Puel is an excellent example at Leicester. He ought to have them pushing on. They ought to be where Manchester United are right now. Instead, they look dull, dire and uninspiring.

I don’t know who the next Poch will be. Marco Silva at Everton? (Then again, we all thought Roberto Martinez would become a great manager, too)


Why? That seems pretty unreasonable to me tbh.


Indeed. I don’t get why, seemingly, every Arsenal fan get triggered. Or it so seems in the replies on twitter.


Yeah, i’m not disputing that. More so the comparison to Wenger, seems unnecessary… and Wenger has trophies to show for his work, plus it was a different era.