The relationship between football and betting companies

Honestly think this is the biggest issue when it comes to payday loan companies.

I don’t think UK schools do a good enough job in teaching financial literacy.


I could go on for hours about how the educational system lets kids down from the get to.

Fuck Shakespeare, inflation and interest rates are much more important.

It astounds me that the system is still set up as it is.


Good read. The Tranmere chairman talking about gambling sponsorship. The bit that got me was the plan to put betting terminals in the stadium. Not a chance that’s living up to the legal obligation to protect children and the vulnerable.

I was trying to figure out what he’d done wrong and finally found this tweet. This is absolute bullshit if this is what he’s been banned for.


Yeah it’s pretty stupid.

If gambling firms want to offer odds on stupid things which people actually know the outcome to then that should go down as a risk they’re willing to take.

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Is Trippier employed by this betting company? Or do they sponsor the FA so he has some obligation? If not why the hell should he care? If he wants to talk to his friends it’s of no concern of the betting company.

All things you can bet money on these days :man_facepalming:t3: It’s hard to predict you will score 3 goals in the next game, but silly bets like transfers or what hair colour a player will have are legit? Idiots.

Just read this. Shocking. A lot of people have lost thousands of pounds now its collapsed


Clubs and TV companies have to move away from gambling related sponsorship. The actual story doesn’t really bother me up until the point where you have clubs sponsoring a company with a dubious business model.

They have an obligation and responsibility to their support and football fans


Fucking William Hill highjacking the sweet Caroline song to peddle their business :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: hear it all the time now during adverts


I still haven’t forgiven the industry for Kriss AccaBoosty tbh


Have already heard the advert about a dozen times this morning. Fuck William Hill and their aggressive advertising at this time on a Sunday morning. Cunts :grin:

This is a really interesting read. No surprise it’s some random non UK site running the story. I’ve often wondered who the fuck these betting companies I’ve never heard of were and this gets as close to answering that as anyone can.

tldr: dodgy fucks and the regulators don’t care.




Good for them, I much prefer a decentralised approach in dropping betting partners

I’d much prefer it to be a centralised ruling, because let’s face it, most sides aren’t going to voluntarily turn down the kind of money on offer when they can’t necessarily get it from other sponsors.

How much of the insane transfer costs we’ve seen in the last 10 years are due to these betting companies?

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valid, I think the issue for me is alot of clubs in the lower leagues depend on the income, I need to find the source but I read somewhere there betting sponsorship for most clubs accounts for a very decent % of their total income and local firms simply don’t offer enough the difference.

It’s a sticky situation for sure. I’d be in favour of a centralised approach if there was financial support, which I think the PL and FA have the means to offer

Yeah, I appreciate that some people would label me a bit of an oblivious big club fan who hasn’t thought it through cos it doesn’t affect his club. Cos sure, we might be able to attract a top international airline to pump our bums so full of cash that it flows out of our mouths, but a lot of other clubs aren’t in that position and banning betting sponsors would lead to a measurable amd significant loss of income.

I guess my view is that it’s a big enough social ill to override concerns about the amount of cash clubs get. Like how I wouldn’t think that clubs needing the money was a good enough reason to let them be sponsored by Marlboro or Silk Cut.

Though I feel I’m am looking at this through a PL lens, not considering whether it might fuck lower leagues teams very hard. I have no idea if betting sponsors are as prominent further down the chain, I suppose on a superficial level I’d guess they’re at least as prevalent, likely more common than the top flight where there are more prestigious clubs.

I think aside from the idea of it promoting a bit of a social ill, there’s also the issue of many of these gambling companies looking like exceptionally dodgy outfits. Dodgy as in potentially being fronts/money laundering operations, not just ethically or morally dodgy. Think it was @shamrockgooner who shared a long arse article on it, I think I read about 80% of it before deciding I had a good enough grip of the issue to not see it through to the end lol

Probably a more complex an issue than I would like it to be haha. Particularly as I make no secret on here of my enjoyment of gambling. I just don’t like how it’s now inextricably linked with football and don’t think it’s healthy for a younger generation of fans coming through. When we grew up the link with gambling was nowhere near this, and I find it odd that younger generations really will grow up thinking that gambling and football are inextricably linked, when it doesn’t have to be that way.

These days, I view gambling advertising as being like tobacco advertising, in that it shouldn’t exist. I’d probably make a similar case for booze as well, tbh. So that’s three things I’m personally quite a big fan of haha

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