The randomly nothing thread

Wow. Those are two complete idiots.

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Twitter in a nutshell

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Does the UK or the continent have Black Friday sales? I’m being spammed to death by stores here with their Black Friday sales and it made me wonder if places over there would try to drum up more business before Christmas sales hit.

Yes. Though it’s more Black week than just Friday. Mainly consists of “here is all the shit we can’t sell” items.

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adblock is back! I’ve had no issues on Youtube for at least a week. Seems like they’ve got a system that tricks Youtube into thinking an ad is played. Sensational work :clap:


:clap::clap::clap::clap: the only choice

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Especially if travelling with a companion. Absolutely zero nonsense then.

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The optimal choice is to avoid travelling by train even at the cost of your life, because travelling by train is a fate worse than death.

Seems we’ve regressed badly from this.

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This looks like something out of Alien.

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Those seats were grotty as hell to be fair.

Found this an interesting watch

How so? A different league of comfort to the ironing board seats in most trains now.

I think there’s a bit of rose tinted glasses there. My memory is those seats were always filthy and worn out. I remember sitting on them and where there should have been some kind of support it was like sitting on a toilet without remembering to put the seat down :joy:

I should declare firstly that I’m an ex-railwayman who worked in the Safety Team at a regional British Rail HQ.

Old trains had wonderfully soft and spacious seats. When I get on one of the new trains on my line I do hanker for the days of the old “Big-Four” and British Rail coaches. However, those grand old wooden-framed carriages with their highly flammable fittings were death traps in a collision. Travelling by train is far, far safer these days.

There’s a balance to be had though, the seats on the Thameslink trains are appalling. The seats on the new Greater Anglia Inter-city trains to Norwich seem to get the safety/comfort balance spot on. We’ll never have armchairs again though.

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It may also bear mentioning that when those sorts of carriages prevailed where I live in the South East that they were all retained long, long after they should have been retired and the state of the carriages reflected that. Possibly in their prime they were more akin to the nostalgia here.


Yep. Back in the late 50’s slamdoor trains were seen as being old hat. Many were wooden framed, some were converted carriages from the steam era. That they were still in use in 2005 was nothing short of a disgrace.

Nostalgia has little place in a safety critical working environment, there are plenty of private railways where you can get your fix of old carriages, sadly very few of the BR era electric trains were preserved though due to private railways not having the money to invest in electric supply.

My favourite from the ‘old days’ were the Thompson-designed corridor stock on the Eastern Region of BR. Soooo comfy, and steam heated too - much more amenable than electric heating.

Hey, tell me about Thameslink. I had the unfortunate experience of travelling from Gatwick to Luton after an overnight 8.5 hour flight. By the time I reached Luton everything hurt. I just know that had I done the same run in a proper comfy old-style compartment I wouldn’t have nearly been in the state I was after fucking Thameslink.

@Trion should I touch his hair?


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Could you also see if you can cut a strand or two?