The randomly nothing thread

When the Huw Edwards story broke a while back, my friend who is a producer was leaking things in our group chat from another group chat of producers who were talking about sex pests in the industry and Walliams, Brand and the bald guy from Masterchef (Greg something?) are apparently well-known pests and it’s just a matter of time.

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I wouldnt say either Brand or Rogan are right wing, particularly Brand, but I absolutely think they pander to the right. Audience capture is a real thing.

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Screenshot 2023-09-16 114000

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It’s because he’s so self-righteous and annoying as fuck lol

Got the job. Will just do this for the next 20 yesrs and retire. No more interviews for me :slight_smile:


Good luck, Shammy.

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This was always going to happen at some point.
Title is misleading - Two Transwoman went to gynaecologist and were denied service because the doctor is not trained in their domain.

Can relate :joy:

Had them on for the first time since March this past week :joy:

I’m just back from Seville. If there are any fans heading out there, I’d recommend spending a couple of nights in the city while you’re going all that way. Eating and drinking out is so much cheaper than London (where isn’t these days?)

I can also recommend an excellent, reasonably priced hotel in the middle of the city that has a roof-top pool and bar. DM me if you want details.

English is widely spoken but they appreciate it if you can at least try a few words of Spanish.

What’s an acceptable time period to leave a restaurant if you’ve ordered and they don’t bring out your food or provide an ETA on when to expect it?

Depends on the food right? Lets say pizza

It’s the hands…

tragedy…when the feeling’s gone and you can’t go on…it’s tragedy

Personally I’d follow up with the waiting staff at the point you’d expect it to be there, and then if either they tell you it will still be longer than you want to wait (or it doesn’t come out when they said it would) fair to leave.

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  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

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Gotta be D

Why is this even a question? Have they claimed the answer is anything other than D?

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D seems so obvious. I’m guessing it’s the wording, ‘Closest TO midnight’. I voted D anyway.

I see what they are trying to do there with A but it’s D.

Yeah, if they want to know which is closest in the sense of which one has the least amount of time left before it gets to midnight then they need to rephrase the question. In a literal sense, D is correct and they shouldn’t be marking anyone who put D as being wrong.

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@Pheobica @k1tsun3 @Wivenswold @Gladiator

If all the men turn gay tomorrow, will the world become more misogynistic?


I find your notion that people can become gay overnight really stupid, but let’s play along shall we?

What do you think the answer to your impossibly hypothetical question is?

The world is quite misogynistic. If all men turn gay, they can live without women and thereby wouldn’t discrimination against women skyrocket?