The Randomly Nothing thread


Are they still a thing? They had next to no interest in them on here last year if I remember. Don’t even think awards were given out in the end. So thought they would have been axed for this year


Yes they are very much still a thing :slight_smile: I’ll be back running them this time around. 12 months ago everyone was fed up of Arsenal, so that had an effect on the awards. This time round should be in much better spirits. Tis an OA tradition! Though since the Mod award been retired, I’m going to have a come up with a new award to win…errrr I mean get nominated for :giroud:


Do you think they’ll be more interest this year then haha


Well if people are willing to put in some effort and take the time to participate, then I think we’ll be cool.

Alternatively, I could always threaten a week long ban if members fail to send nominations in :poldi:


You want interest? Bring back the hipster award & nominate AC again


Random but what happened to Oliver? Used to be active then just suddenly stopped posting lol. He was cool


Went missing when Wenger couldn’t really be defended anymore by any sort of logical argument.



Wenger coat getting out of control


Anyone for some hang-gliding? Man is lucky to be alive. :neutral_face:


He did pretty well to hold on for such a long time!


What kind of a shit driver/instructor doesn’t attach you to the hang-glider? I mean like that certainly has to be the number one priority?


Saw this yesterday. Fuck. That. Shit.

Nice of the instructor to harness himself in though.


Wow, that’s scary as shit and I will be honest, I may not have probably survived holding on for good 3 and half minutes. His survival instinct probably kept him hang on to it, considering he damaged himself in process for holding too long.

He is also surprisingly upbeat about all of it. Sound person.

Also who doesn’t check they are not harnessed or not. It’s the instructor’s job, yes but I would be so paranoid that I would check hundreds of times.


My barber went on holiday and I was forced to use my backup barber but he’s just not really that good. My barber arrived home today and he performed surgery on my hair. I feel fresh again.

I usually cut my hair every week but with this backup barber I could only go once. So my hair was overgrown.

Just thought I told my Snapchat and Instagram so OA also had to know that I’ve got a trim.


Yeah, nightmare when my barber goes on holiday, I don’t trust other people. I have to book in for the last day before he goes and then the very first day when he’s back lol.

Not as bad for me though as I tend to go for a haircut every 12 to 14 days, rather than once a week, so I get by better. Plus my hair is longer than yours so it doesn’t show as badly that I haven’t had my regular trim.

I used to have a .5 on the sides and 2 on top so I know what it’s like when you try to keep it short and how quickly it stops looking sharp, so I know the struggle somewhat SRCJJ.


I have a .5 on the sides and generally have struggled to find a barber that gives a decent cut. Everytime I think I’ve found one I get home, have a closer look and end up disappointed


I actually used to have much longer hair on top so I didn’t need to cut so regularly, ‘cause like you said it doesn’t tend to show so much. I just hated the maintenance of it. My hair grows super quick so I’ll get a skin fade on the Friday and by Monday the trim loses its fresh feeling and I’m already planning my next cut.

That’s what I love about London though there are so many good barbers here who are masters with the clippers so you’re spoiled for choice if you want a good fade.


I get my haircut done about every three weeks, I genuinely didn’t think it was that long a wait but now I’m starting to think otherwise haha


Yeah me too, I might go once every 2 weeks too now