The Randomly Nothing thread



But yes, good job! :slight_smile:


Wow quite a few lunatics take all the trouble of saying 2 thousand 18.


You missed the ‘and’. :hipster:


My mind hurts


I’m interested in how the lazy bunch pronounced the year 2000.


How will you pronounce year 12357?


In the easiest way possible, two thousand.


It will start with 12 thousand


And since two thousand eighteen and twenty eighteen are not that significantly different in difficulty or length, people use both.


Twenty-eighteen for me. It was probably weirder at the start of the decade saying it like twenty-eleven but it’s just the more popular thing now :slightly_smiling_face:




Yeah, that’s fine… :man_shrugging:


The suggestion that someone who wouldn’t be friends with someone of an opposite political position therefore probably believes in a one party state is pretty vacuous in and of itself.


There are so many views held by Liberals that I don’t agree with & side with conservatives and vice versa; that I find it hard to understand why anyone would take a general stance on all matters.
Some issues require liberal approach and some conservative.



Admit it, you didn’t expect to see this as a news article. :joy::joy::joy:


Throwback :grin:


Does black friday madness still happen in the UK? It feels like it’s had its day already.


Just bought a George foreman grill for half price.

You tell me if that’s a madness or not.


Lucas Perez level. Will come in useful but will ultimately be under utilised and eventually moved on.


Superb Shammy. Just in time for the up coming OA awards.