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Truly the sport of kings


Kept this quiet @Cristo :eyes:


Strong barnet on that kid


Nowhere near as handsome as you though mate




You can get a hash brown at 4am in the USA? I guess it really is the greatest nation on earth.


I could be wrong because it was a couple years ago but when I went to Vegas I’m sure they served breakfast all day there.


Here’s a Gofundme Scam story that I think you lot will enjoy.
I have timestamped these videos but they don’t work on mobile, if on mobile, go to timestamp mentioned below

Story at 2:25

First story

And finally

First story


The better John Lewis Christmas advert :joy::joy:

This guy is a twitter legend every Christmas haha


The Waitrose ad that takes the piss out of the John Lewis ad is feckin awesome…top work Waitrose…top work…


When people say what year it is, how do you guys tend to pronounce it?

Do you say is as, “Two thousand and eighteen” or “Twenty eighteen?”. There seems to be quite a split in how it’s said whenever I hear it, even though it clearly should be said as, twenty eighteen.

  • Two thousand (and) eighteen
  • Twenty eighteen

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Pretty sure I’ll switch over in 2020 mind.


The only thing that confuses me is that throughout the last decade, we all said it as two thousand, two thousand and one etc, when I suppose technically it should’ve been twenty hundred. But since we moved into the 10s, the pattern has shifted back. Weirdly though pronouncing it as two thousand and * add year * seem to fit better for those first ten years anyways :sweat_smile:


If you asked when the Second World War started and someone said “one thousand, nine hundred and thirty nine” you’d think they’re fucking weird.

It’s just because at the moment the year has nothing in the hundreds column, that’s why many people say “two thousand and eighteen”, because it rolls off the tongue. Otherwise nobody would say a year that way.


Don’t think I’ve met or seen anyone call 2017 or 2018 two thousand and… because its very weird haha


I don’t say the and actually. Add another option @Mysty :gunnersaurus:


I say both, because we’re privileged to live in one of the few ages were both are completely fine.


The year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Eighteen.


@shamrockgooner I’ve made a small amendment that doesn’t require another option and should satisfy you and everyone :giroud:

@Calum You’d be surprised! I was watching a sports show earlier, and at the end as they were wrapping things up, saying what a great two thousand and eighteen it’s been. Then shortly after, state they can’t wait for twenty nineteen to come around, so both examples got mentioned in a matter of seconds :sweat_smile: It’s like no one can decide what the proper definition is.

Judging by the poll, it seems a decent number say it as two thousand as well. It’s almost an even split ha.