The Randomly Nothing thread


Modern technology meets the vikings now. Love Island influences so much these days.


Bruised banana lock screen if anyone wants it.

Found it while looking for a new lockscreen on Pinterest haha


Two games always stick in my mind with this kit. Wrexham in the cup and wearing it at home to Benfica in the European cup. We lost both.
Strange that year as Uefa had home teams change on kit clashes.


I’m back :kos2:


I noticed :laughing:




Some reason all that posting reminds me of this scene from the Simpsons

Replace the “All you can eat” reference, with “All you can post”, then imagine Luca is Homer, and the sailors at the end are us mods trying to evict Luca out of the premises, but Luca keeps forcing his way back in, it some how fits in quite well :wenger:


Cool bro :wink:


8 years ago today was the 8-2 at Old Trafford according to my timeline :grimacing:


7 years ago. #neverforget




A fucking roast chicken with roast potatoes is awaiting me :giroud2:


Nooooooo this is too sad :sob::sob:


Mash is with Pie and Liquer… Jellied eels are eaten out of gelatine like jelly.

I don’t like either though to be fair but each to their own. They are amazingly popular though especially Pie and Mash though walking around London you would think it was a vape and take out coffee…!

Pictures of OA members

Piebury Corner for a pie is top dollar


Yeah the Arsenal Pie shop heard of that.

There are a few top notch places to get pies in London as the food has a history there but to be fair Pies are much more a Northern thing. Pie Chips and Gravy are a Northern go to staple street food where as down here we go for Fish and Chips more, Kebabs and Pizza etc. etc.

Go to Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle or one of the other towns up north and pop your head in a chippie and they are all munching it en mass. Much prefer it with gravy and chips myself to mash and liquor as well… but I do like a steak and kidney pie rather than the meat and potato they have up there mainly.

I also prefer a large pie rather than an individual one as there is less pastry and more meat. Too many pies now are all pastry…:frowning_face:


Having worked in a place whilst doing some freelancing a few years back in London that sold Goddards pie and liquor, if you knew what went into that shit, you’d really. Never eat it :joy::joy::joy:


Do you drink milk?


Cow knuckles? Chickens bollocks?