The Randomly Nothing thread


We can’t let it have more power.

Skynet anyone? We’ve all seen Terminator.


@discobot fortune Do you think @Bl1nk should hand over his clothes, boots and Motorcycle to you?


:crystal_ball: As I see it, yes


Mysty you bastard


‘it is certain’


@Calvero was only with us for a short time but the memory and impact lives on.

P.S. TheDoctor is dead. Long live @Persona :sunglasses:


Daytime TV :joy:


What happened to that cute big tits who used to co-host him?


That’s Holly Willobigbooby to you. This was from years back, she must’ve been on holiday or maternity leave.






I’ve got the free trial this weekend and it’s basically as expected.

Streaming quality is alright. It says 1080p but it doesn’t quite look like it. Had it on various channels basically all day and had no problems.

Commentary is average, all British but nothing wrong with it. They don’t have any analysis in the studio or anything like that, it’s basically like other foreign streams you might pick up, just highlights, sometimes ads and 5 minute pieces about legends at half time.

There’s 2 channels so they can only show two lives games at once.

Over the weekend they have all 10 La Liga games (La Liga is pretty good at staggering fixtures anyway),
Juve/Lazio, Napoli/Milan, SPAL/Parma, Inter/Torino, Roma/Atalanta from Serie A and Heereven/Feyenoord, Ostersunds/Sundsvall as fillers which I think is plenty. It looks like La Liga is definitely their #1 league and Serie A #2 and everything else is the odd filler when there’s nothing else on.

In between there’s repeats of those games or games they couldn’t show live and random sports (snowboarding, e-sports, speedway, skateboarding, BMX etc.).

On demand you can watch anything that was on in the previous week.

So yeah, not amazing but not bad. I think I’ll probably stick with it :slight_smile:


Amazing, love Schofe.

Anyway she’s the most shameless shoplifter in the UK so I’m sure she didn’t mind the comment.


Wonder what our Lord Bendtner has to say about this - given the inferences in Rachel’s quote.


I caved in this afternoon and subscribed to it before going out. I honestly can’t say how relieving it is reading this post now haha

The content does look really good from what I’ve seen, I think they must have close to, if not all, La Liga games. Will take some getting used to the coverage etc but it looks good value for money!


I for one am proud that the Danes are the worlds largest exporters of sperm and inseminating women the world over and purifying the blood lines of countless countries and gene pools.


I forgot about you. Good positive spin, there.:giroud:


They show games for free on their Facebook page haha. I liked them to see the goals etc


Top marks and hats of you. You have cornered the market and you should rightly be proud of those many danes fapping off in a room alone…

Do spare a thought for us English though as we suffer the traditional way all hot and horny with our partners…:mkhi: