The Randomly Nothing thread


Just wondering if anyone here as bothered to subscribe to Eleven Sports? If so what do you think of the quality and choice of games?

I’m tempted to do it this week but I’m not wholly convinced over how good the coverage will be.


Surely if you’re spending the money it’s about what games are gonna be on rather than the quality of the coverage?


Been in Central today and just making my way home, I thought this was a bit fucking rich coming from TfL



On that note are you a regular user of the underground, and user of the oyster system?


Yeah I am, why? lol


he has a questionnaire for you to fill out as market research on the TFL, so they know where they can improve :henry2:


Yeah to be honest the amount of La Liga and Serie A is a concern, but I think they’ll have most if not all. I’ve read some comments about streams not working on certain devices or running really slow, so I’m really worried about subscribing and receiving streams that are of worse quality than I could find for free haha


My colleague told me about this site which has bagged me tonnes of refunds I’m entitled to on a delayed service. I’d strongly recommend it.

Ps. Apologies if I’m breaching any rules by posting external links. Will delete if so.


I haven’t bothered yet because I’ve been too busy to watch loads of football but i think they have a 7 day free trial so could give that a go?


Quite good tbf :joy::joy::joy:



What the actual fuck :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I really lost my shit when he started doing the Beyonce dance :joy:


What the fuck


What the fuck? Who the fuck says ‘Papa’?


A lot of Latin countries do no?


It was a dumb joke and I knew it at the time. Picking the Papa thing over the insane over-riding point of whatthefuckery that whole video is. :smiley:

I also meant as an English speaker. But, yeah a lot of Latin countries and Germany also use Papa. :+1:


Russian mice, all the time.


Why do I suddenly want to buy a Renault?



And the fox say…