The Randomly Nothing thread


It’s called Indian food m8


I tried to see if Pilau meant something else but no it’s ‘pulao’ misspelled.


This is great from Barnsley



@Phoebica I won’t profess to be an expert, but your new avatar, is it the girl that appears in the Moomins series?


I thought it was a selfie?


Yes. Little My. We share some of the same characteristics :smile:

@Calum it basically is. That’s usually the look I have on my face :smile_cat:


I thought so! Good old Moomins. I’m glad I’m still up to spec on all things Finnish :sunglasses: :finland:


Is yours sonic mysty?


Sure is Opta Calum.


One of those days when I can’t deal with humans.
Having to manage adults like kids really does my head.

Never want to deal with having roommates anymore. Should start earning enough to fucking own a place all for myself. Fuck this.

So stressed I sneaked wine back to work, It’s 2:50AM now, sitting on my desk in dark for no reason, just sipping wine hiding it from CCTV cameras.
If I don’t post in coming days, I am probably sacked.




I like the way she described the “natives” as being rude, yet clearly saw no irony in her statement.


I know how she feels. London is constantly ruined by too many British people.


heeeeeeeeeeey :santi:


Really bad air here this morning, and a peculiar orange glow to the light. It’s all the smoke from all the forest fires in British Columbia. I have to sing this afternoon - not looking forward to it.


@Mysty hold me


that’s actually awesome.


Can any of you do the dele? I tried constantly and just can’t do it haha


That’s quite an Eeveeultion right there :poldi:

How wonderfully Japanese.