The Randomly Nothing thread


I’m from California, that means I’m more progressive and automatically better than you. No facts needed tbh.


Please don’t spoil red wine for me.
If required, I will indulge in Arteta debate with you, if you wanna shit on my opinions. But not red wine.



Solid logic there Cal pal


So glad its banned here as Ibiza was brutal two years ago when every cunt was smoking them and making me not want to breath


#I’mWithHer #cuck #snowflake :laca:


Why is it not? I hate the smell of Weed and absolutely hate smoking full stop haha.


Everything smoked should be forbidden. Its disgusting, it smells and you get yellow teeth.

Snorting is the way to go imo. Just sad that the quality of coke we get in Europe is of such a low ass quality. Legalize drugz !


You clearly need better contacts.


I just don’t think you disliking a smell you can fairly easily avoid is a good enough reason to keep something illegal when that illegality fuels a lot of needless violence and incarceration.

Obviously you can dislike it and hope it stays illegal, I can’t change what you want, but weed being illegal causes problems far more serious than you occasionally smelling a smell you don’t like lol


You’ll lose your septum. Injecting is the way forward and it has the added bonus of Aids.


Aids is weak nowadays can’t even kill u. Worth the risk tbh.


Downplaying aids. Obviously has aids. :laca:


And you know what helps with Aids? 420 yo :stuck_out_tongue:


Doc in this thread :joy:


I got da butt aids :wink:


Even kippers? Smoked fish and meats are tasty!


Its true bro, red wine has some antioxidants, so like small levels every now and then (like once a couple months) help stave off heart disease etc.

here’s a review article on the subject.

@Trion youre all good :+1:

shut it mate, bet you live in orange county :arteta:


I’m actually with Calum on this one and if we could also go ahead and ban the smell of cooking Garlic that would be great.


Garlic is absolutely lush. Your heads gone mate