The Randomly Nothing thread


Someone from SSN replied to his tweet :arteta:


What is wrong with your manhood?




When did Good Evening Britain become a thing?

Fucking hell.


Just started tonight :joy: dunno if it’s a one off or not


To be fair they’re just talking about the England game and you might as well be listening to Danny Dyer instead of Ryan Giggs.

edit: AFTV Robbie is their Russia correspondent, what the fuck :poldi:


Robbie drowned out… Best thing I’ve seen on telly all night. :clap:


Danny Dyer on national tv, post-watershed speaking on Brexit. This is gold. :rofl:


With Jeremy Corbyn :joy:




Omg that is brilliant


Jeremy Corbyn is leader of the opposition wtf is he doing there


Danny Dyer :joy::joy:

@JakeyBoy I think he does those things to highlight how much more approachable he is than Theresa May. Not sure how much it improves his credibility or if it sheds any more light on him and his policies…


Yeah it’s definitely why, but you can do that without going on TV with Piers Morgan, Danny Dyer and Amir Khan ffs haha



I love the concentration from the kickers before the signal :laughing:


Imagine that in the major leagues and in Europe and the CL :arteta: :gabriel:


How on earth are they kicking at the keeper?? Knock it past, run, score.


Anyone else think she looks like Marouane Fellaini?


There’s Cara Delavigne and then there’s that.