The Randomly Nothing thread



Play them at their own game and put the “nothing worth stealing” logo on your garden wall :laughing:


Watch it though because that ‘nothing worth stealing’ is merely a rotated symbol of Ted Cruz…if you get my meaning. :wink:


Either way your Wenger picture safe.


I’m off to Russia to track down a football player… :laughing:


@Electrifying how have I just seen this?! FUCKING HELL :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Scottish twitter at it again :joy::joy::joy:




As biased and arrogant as Fox News is, it’s not much worse than the bile that newspapers like the Mail and the Sun come out with.


I have them blocked but this appeared on my twitter. Have they upgraded Robbie?!


Robbie is in russia following the WC. This chick is covering the action back in London. Unfortunately Its not permanent.



Eva Longoria has become a MILF today.



Someone is trying to transition from being a side meme star to being main meme star


They’re all stock images, she isn’t trying to be anything


Screenshotted incase he deletes. :joy::joy::joy::joy: wtf


So true though :slight_smile:


What’s wrong with snap chat filters? There class haha


The idiots that share that never realise it’s a Nazi on the left

No wonder even the nice guy that Arsenic is, has begun disrespecting the state of sky sports news now.