The Randomly Nothing thread


One of the things you can’t defend Kim K on. It’s better to be natural


What are the things you can defend her on anyway?
Fake looks are her only thing


It’s her only “talent.”


She’s made her and her family a very lucrative career by essentially doing nothing. I have to respect that :slight_smile:


“Essentially doing nothing,” and making money is what she did before she was a reality celebrity, and is exactly what she does as her career but as for respecting her, that is going too far :wink:


Agreed, but I am far more annoyed with people who idolise or promote these vacuous celebrities.


Agreed. In a way it’s unfair to her if idiots lap her up.
Our hatred should solely land on impressionable dimwitted bunch of human beings who worship her for whatever she does.




I agree.
This is the worrying thing about how culture has changed.

It’s ok to say “if you don’t like it, then don’t watch it” or “it’s just entertainment” but when people follow her, and all the other hoards of useless celebrities, that we end up with an entitled group of people, who also have zero talent, that have expectation levels far beyond what they could achieve or deserve.

When I was at school, almost everyone we admired, or wanted to be like, had talent.
Now a lot of kids want instant fame and will do almost anything, including embarrassing or degrading themselves, to get it.

Loads of young people that say things like “I want to be famous” or “I want to be a presenter,” when I leave school, and It’s just a lazy way to be famous without having to work for it.

The dumbing down in society is just being perpetuated by these morons, and the culture of idolising minor celebrities, and wanting to be like them, is encouraging greed and entitlement to people who have no talent and who don’t like hard work.


I sometimes work in schools, and I hear that often. And when you say the obvious retort “What do you want to be famous FOR?”, they look at you with a blank expression.


Another line that I often hear is, “I’ll just marry someone rich or famous.”


Kim got famous by a total freak incident but she’s maintained her fame for a decade and has a strong brand like I said. I think she deserves credit for that as it’s not easy to be famous but in no way do I admire her :joy:


I find it has been really easy in last few years.

There is this backpack kid who is considered a sensation for just swinging his arms around.



Sometimes I drag the continuum dots and watch the highlight bars go up & down.

I am very creative when I am procrastinating.


Honoured you picked me Trion. Cheers.


Can someone start typing in here please, I want to play.


Hey Craig Just doing a bit of typing because I’m a nice helpful guy and I want to help you out well that sure was nice I enjoy assisting people in their endeavours have a fun evening don’t overdose on heroin nice one


“When guyssssss shave, thisssss is what they do”

Do you really though? :eyes: My new favourite worst advert :smile:


Haribo ads are the best…

They always make me laugh…


A swarm of bees that’s was looking for a new home took an interest in the side of my house. I found about 3-4 on the windows inside and went out to investigate through kitchen door and found myself 2-3 feet away from the whole swarm.

Squeaky bum time there I can assure you.