The Randomly Nothing thread


Seriously? We want evidence! :joy:




You’re a ray of sunshine lately, aren’t you.


How do you mean?


It sounds a bit like shammy has forgotten that you’ve always been very sarcastic in tone and that that’s just your sense of humour, and that it isn’t a recent development haha.


Well, I could send you a picture…


i was mistaken. i don’t want evidence.


@JakeyBoy I know how much you and Oliver got on, he works near us… so i’ll Invite him to our meet up… the one @Sol is in charge of :wink:


I won’t be joining you lol


I’m not just saying this, but I honestly think you’d get on. He’s really smart.


I like you :slight_smile:

I wasn’t even being sarcastic really. @Phoebica was or at least I thought she was (I still think she was), so I was expressing genuine disbelieve @shamrockgooner didn’t pick it up.

Anyway, he seems to have taken it personally. I apologize.


He wasn’t smart enough to realise Wenger needed the arse 4 years ago :wink:


Lol give it a rest!

We get it! You wanted Wenger out before anyone else… And you’re Australian, the time difference means you were first!


Hahahahaha quality call


On a side note I have a park/ reserve across the road from my place, two mornings this week I’ve had to call the fire brigade on the way to work as some muppet is lighting the benches.


Yea, sorry, having one of those mornings. Didn’t mean to be a dick.


No worries.


Fixed :smiley:

Cristo has already admitted that he’s great at organising these kinds of things. I’ll be taking on a supervisory role.

I’m still down as fuck to how weird / fucked up you people are in real life.


Yeah same, I’m cool if you guys have a screw or two lose haha I’m a “go with the the flow” kinda guy.

Fuck it, big night out in Heaven why not? :joy: :joy:


We’ll just make an agreement to down 12 Sambucas beforehand. Sorted.