The Randomly Nothing thread


One for the 90s kids…



I’m a 90s kid and I can’t remember that one!



It was the phone number on Live and Kicking!


Ahhhh of course!! I was more of a fan of the other one, Saturday Morning Live? Was that it?

Alive and Kicking was Cat Dealy right?


No. Cat was SMTV with Ant and Dec


Smtv live was ant and dec and deeley, i also preferred it.


Yeah that’s right, I preferred Ant and Dec for sure.

Alive and Kicking was Jamie Theakston? Or Richard Bacon?


Yeah Jamie and Zoe Ball were the ones I remember. They had other presenters before them but I was too young to remember them


I have Live and Kicking in my head as predating SMTV, I don’t remember a conflict about which to watch. Memory could be failing me there though if I’m honest.

Just googled and the shows overlapped for 3 years between 98 and 01. Live and Kicking was on the air for 5 years before SMTV so I think that’s why I’m thinking of them as not being in competition.

@Phoebica it had Andi Peters and Emma Forbes as hosts at one point, could be who you’re thinking of. Even if names don’t mean much I bet you’d recognise them.

@cristo Richard Bacon was Blue Peter till he got fired for boshing lines of coke :joy:


Hahaha the ultimate role model


Of course I know who Andi Peters is. He’s done quite a bit since then and still appears on our screens every now and then.

Emma Forbes I had to Google. She doesn’t do much nowadays but I remember hearing her on the radio.

I used to watch a lot of Nickelodeon when I was a kid too, does that still exist? What do kids watch these days?




Didn’t want to assume!


Ah they’re missing out. Hey Arnold was golden TV :grin:


And Recess!

And DinoRiders and SWAT Cats.


Fucking Randall that little snitch cunt


Lil Tay

Lil Pump


Google these to lose faith in humanity


Lil Yachty

Gucci Gang

Jake Paul

Logan Paul


90s cartoons were the best.