The Randomly Nothing thread


i misread that at first i thought they were saying there was a team killing and virtually teabagging as in they got very close to literally doing it, i was thinking WTF is going on with people nowadays, but it aint much better online either lol.


What the fuck did I just read. :rofl:


Is there a merging of reality and virtual reality, however slight, going on?


People have way too less of work to worry about this shit


Hi dear members, we are going to start an Arsenal fan club in our hometown Bremerhaven/Germany (North Sea). The name of our fan club is “fishtown Gunners”. Bremerhaven is also known as fishtown in Germany. We have got a famous Icehockey Team named fishtown Pinguins playing in the DEL. I would like to hear your opinion about our facebook site. Excuse us, it is all in German. We are working on it.


After reading this the clip in the article is a must see haha.




Me in 2018


can you email a copy of that to all of the relevant staff at Arsenal please, your detective work might help them.

#2389 isn’t it? :wenger:


Legendary dog love how it knows he’s gonna do it so walks behind him waiting to pounce :joy:




He’s got conserts at their stadiums in the summer


It’s all to do with the blues.



I’d go as far as to say that about anything when it concerns them :grimacing:




Such a poetic tweet. Reminds of me of us americans and our knowledge of soccer too :laughing:



That reminds me of this classic:


look at the display pic! :arteta:

Classic peepul