The Randomly Nothing thread


Straight after, the poor Incredibles have to face monsters Inc!


Think you’ve got this absolutely spot on here.

Imagine how massive a cunt you’d have to be to think Hercules is better than Aladdin.


Lol, true in my mind. You are a lot younger so I’ll take your word for it that those late 90’s early 2000 Disney movies weren’t as good. Aladdin and Lion King were right in my era, elementary school, so I’m gonna have a bias cuz nostalgia. I lost track of the Disney movies after that Mulan I think is maybe the last my parents took me to see in the theater. Pixar movies are on a different level though, I’ll go see those as an adult. Took my wife to Coco just us, left the kids at home lol.


You do realise that I was agreeing with your selections for the semi finalists? lol

I’m also not sure I’m that much younger than you


Yes lol I know, I was just saying ur probably a lot more knowledgeable on those later Disney movies than I am. I thought you just recently graduated from college? I’m born in 83 my dude, pretty sure I’m ancient compared to you Jakey.


Of the late 90s/early 00s Disney’s movie, I will say that Mulan is the only one that can challenge the earlier films.
Pocahontas is boring, Hercules is quite meh, Tarzan has Phil Collins. At least Emperor’s New Groove and Lilo and Stitch are somewhat funny.


You’ve got 7 years on me then, not as wide a gap as you might have thought, but a bit wider than I thought.


^^ Mulan was very good, but I still like Monsters better.


Michael B. Jordan is Wallace from The Wire. Mind = blown.


Haha that scene in The Wire where he gets killed always gets me. I loved his character.

But yeah, he was excellent then and he’s shown himself to be an excellent actor to this day too.


Why is this eithen being debated the lion king is the ultimate Disney film it has a great story, best music, great humour and a scene that brings tears to ur eyes every time you watch it. So should have beaten monsters inc, Mulan, Tangled all good films but none of them are Disney classics and not worth watching repeatedly.


I prefer The Jungle Book :goat:

The Bare Necessities shits all over Hakuna Matata


Oohhh shit. I haven’t watched it yet but it keeps popping up on YouTube for me, his interview on Hot Ones.

Face looked familiar!


Goes to show the transformation from little Wallace to the beast in creed and black panther that more people don’t recognise him.


I don’t know how you could not recognise him, he has such a distinctive face. My wife tried to spring this on me last week like it was some big surprise and I was like no shit mate :giroud3:


He beast af in Black Panther, hardly do you have respect for the bad guy in those movies but he was dooopeeee.

Why are the Marvel movies soooo much better than the recent Star Wars movies btw? Disney has control of them now, I was hoping for better Star Wars movies out of Disney based upon how well they are doing with the Marvel franchise.



I don’t know what to do know I just keep endisly refreshing hoping it is fixed but it never works :sob:




Can totally relate




If ya can’t take dumb shit like teabagging in a videogame, maybe gaming and the internet aren’t for you. :sunglasses: