The Randomly Nothing thread


I don’t follow cricket at all but feel like this ball thing is being overblown.


I was amazed when it was the lead item on BBC News at 10 the other night


It is quite a big story in cricket but ball tampering has always gone on and it’s only because they have cameras everywhere and it involved some go the highest profile names in cricket, that it has been on the front pages.

Like in any sport, cheating and gaining an unfair advantage has always gone on.
It just happened that some of the biggest names in cricket got caught doing it.




Both para are same.


It has been overblown, when you look at previous punishments for every other case of ball tampering.


Totally agree with what you’re saying Neutralgooner


Richard Madeley is the closest we’ll ever get to a real life Alan Partridge.

Especially “unlike you, I knew I was innocent” and the one to the person with a stutter :joy:


Just too good :rofl:


I remember an interview with Steve Coogan and when he was asked who he based the character Alan Partridge on, he said: a bit of Tony Blackburn and a small part of Dave Lee Travis and a huge slice of Richard Madeley.

A few of my mates went to school with him and said he was an idiot even then.




Have the police started using Snapchat filters to create their e-fits?


So you see, that’s where the trouble began. That smile. That damned smile.


This is driving everyone mad over here right now, everyone is so trigerred that tangled and monsters inc got so far lol. Final four for me would have been

Toy Story vs Wall-e
Aladdin vs Lion King


Lion King vs Toy Story

Champ: Toy Story

Coco was such a great movie but in this bracket it comes up against Toy Story in the quarterfinals, so it would be close but Toy Story is just too classic imo.


Lion King beaten by Tangled. And y’all mothereffers tried to get me to watch it. :bellerin:


Tangled beating lion king is a travesty.


Aladdin and Beauty & the Beast didn’t even get past the group stage?



There’s no way FIFA would allow such horrendousness as Toy Story facing Toy Story 2 in round 1 of the competition.


Lol this is a bracket based upon the ncaa college basketball tournament that just ended over here. Still out works in the CL format as well I guess.


Incredibles v Wall-e in the opening round is a travesty. Semi final material there. Did they not do seeding based on IMDB rankings or something?