The Randomly Nothing thread


He’s talented, Journals is a great album. People only hate him for when he 1st came onto the scene he was quite squeaky. He’s been great since around 2012. I’ve always been a Bieleber :relaxed:


I’m pretty sure that’s not the only reason why a lot of people have taken a dislike to him


That’s where most of his haters generated from, when he came onto the scene he was ‘annoying’ to some due to his high pitched voice but he was just a kid. What is there to hate?


Beiber is legit, his music is good now tbh.


It’s not my type of music, but the kid is clearly talented. Shame he seems like such a douchebag.


My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone :wink:


Unfortunately, I agree.


Don’t worry GG, that isn’t an unpopular opinion any more.

I was saying the same on the old forum.

Anyways, @Trion found this in a market stall in North London.

Big Weng Jacket. Kinda cheap as well iirc, so there you go.

If you come over for a game you can buy it here.



Leave some room for us to have respect for you.


Dragonball super finale was rished but great


Not watched it yet will do when I go home.

Can’t wait for the film


Just saw a bloke in a flash Mercedes with the plate “P9 EDO”

Reckon I’d get that changed if I were him



Getting socks as a Christmas present.


funnily enough taking a shower. When i was young my thought process was ‘i am having fun and by tomorrow i will be just dirty and sweaty again etc so fuck having a shower it takes time away from me having fun or doing xyz’

now as soon as i break a sweat or have had a hard day or whatever it is uuugggghhhh so badly wanna jump in the shower and have a long good hot soak and find it quite therapeutic, before i used to find them frustrating and more of a ‘aaahhhhhhh muuuuuum do i haaaaaave to’


This is so true.
I shower twice or at times thrice these days. Only less stressful moment these days


OC much? :slight_smile:


Legendary from Carra :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I don’t even remotely get it.


It’s the (ex) Australia captain and coach… he’s basically thanking them for their sporting controversary overshadowing his.