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The da has been hassling me for a while to go over to London with him (he wouldn’t go on his own) so he can see a spuds game in Wembley. I have finally relented and booked tickets for the game against city in April. So this season I will have paid money to go see spurs but not Arsenal. :neutral_face:


How comes you didn’t grow up supporting Spurs?


Cos I’m not a dope. :smiley:



Poor sod. People this clueless probably generate more empathy from me than anyone. Though I guess it’s probably just a story made up by the writers at the paper lol.


I just sent this article to a few mates and my gf.

I have been in a relationship for nine months. I thought the sex was good for us both, but when we finish she tells me to shower. I wondered why, and now I know – she masturbates. She has done it multiple times; I think she is insatiable. What should I do?

Yeah, she must be a sex crazed, insatiable freak! :rofl:

The penultimate line reads so much like parody that I wonder of it was sent in by some prankster lol



I ignore an unhealthy amount of calls because I hate talking on the phone. Even when I first met my now wife I used to ignore her calls and then just message her immediately after.

I love talking face to face, but I detest phone calls unless they’re very sporadic and we have a lot to talk about. Otherwise just don’t call me lol


4 days from now, exactly a year ago I broke down, all heartbroken, posted a pretty pathetic long thread about my breakup. Looking back, I can’t be embarrassed enough.

I can’t thank everyone here enough as to how helpful their posts were. In such cases, you just need to let the time cure you and hopefully Arsenal win more matches than they did while I was hurting. Effing Arsenal.

So the reason I am bringin it up; my ex messaged me expressing her jealously of me getting to watch Messi live. aaaand I was cool with it. I finally moved on. I still desire her tits but I have moved on.

It was nice to have this small conversation be the final memory of our short relationship rather than that stalking disaster.


Not sure If it was wise to let the messages here. Will delete in few minutes.


We all have our moments mate. At least you’re in a better place now and that’s all you could ever ask for.


Trion don’t be embarrassed, it was in my opinion the best post ever written on this forum, a story both terrifying and hilarious in equal measure. Glad you’ve moved on and thanks for sharing :wink:


I bet you just wish someone had that much passion for you that they would travel 8 hours just to sit on ur doorstep and wait for you. So romantic!! One day you’ll find a love like that Robin :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Basically I just want to come home and find MY trion on MY doorstep :weary:


I hope you don’t call your fiancee ‘My trion’



I find the whole craft beer thing so fucking pretentious and boring. There’s a guy comes in my bar, doesn’t know my age and talks to me like I’m much younger than him (I do look young) when he’s clearly about my age and every single time tries to educate me on how to pull an ale pint. If I see him coming to the bar and there’s someone else available I’ll just walk to the cellar to bottle up, it’s every fucking time and I’m sick of it you utter bellend.


What’s his theory on the correct way? :smile:


Well we’ve only two ales on at a time it’s always the same two and when our pumps get to the end of the barrel but still have a few pints left obviously the resistance goes and he’s constantly on about lower the glass and bring it back up and go with the flow of the resistance you get etc and I feel like just giving him the frothiest pint going, melt.


You should give him a frothy pint. And in the wrong class too. :slight_smile: