The Randomly Nothing thread




Saw snow for first time.

I am giddy as a little girl.


Some people have never seen snow IRL.


I know right. It’s just crushed ice.
I pity people who haven’t seen snow in their life yet



love irn bru’s adverts hah




Gosh, it is allowed?


Barrel scraping banter





ffs stop saying the bloody p word or you’ll be banned again. just pm him lol I wouldn’t wnt to lose you from the board.

Change this post before a mod sees


He is back :facepalm:


You probably got banned more for the one directed towards a certain south american but the P word thingy was a soft second yellow most likely.

Not surprising though, I read an article that there is a movement to get spanish speakers to stop using the word “negro”. Can’t find it I’m probably wrong but anyways the following article is dumb enough.

Edit: found the other one lmao.




@AbouCuellar fucking behave yourself.

Entering Brexit mode: this is a British forum at the end of the day, terms we consider to be a slur in Britain remain a slur, get in line or don’t.

If you want to discuss this then do so privately, but we aren’t having this played out publicly.


People in Dublin stole a digger, destroyed and looted a Lidl then nicked the safe and tried to get into it using said digger.




A handful were arrested.


Reached India.

What a nice trip! And What a gorgeous city!
I can only imagine how fine it looks in spring.
It was work mostly and I couldn’t visit many places which I highly regret.

That said, watching Messi play live, the whole cultural shock, interacting with locals was really a nice bit of change in my life.

But gosh, I will have to invest on more suits when I come back next. No way I am roaming the streets of Barcelona in my normal attire. Everyone looks at me as if I am a cab driver, strip club promoter or drug seller.

Even got stood up for a tinder date.